20 New Ways to Use Command Hooks …Organizing at Home Just Became Fun Again

20 New Ways to Use Command Hooks …Organizing at Home Just Became Fun Again


Command hooks are used to install a hook on a wall, without having to make a hole in it. They are a mother’s best friend when it comes to organization, though these cheap-looking plastic hooks may not look like anything special.

But these hooks are not only an old, rusty-looking bent piece of metal. In reality, if imagination and creativity are allowed to do some work, these hooks can be turned into something way more useful. They can be used in ways we never knew were possible and even more convenient.

With that in mind, here are 20 command hook hacks that will help you organize stuff the clever way.

Great for hanging plants

Perfect for bathroom towels

Great for hanging glasses

Tired of losing your keys?


You can also make your very own charging station

Garbage bags can now be hidden under the sink

Now you won’t have to worry about a garbage bag tipping over in the car

It can also keep your laptop safe, while it’s charging at night

Hang your small kitchen utensils


You can make a two-in-one curtain rod and shoe rack with command hooks

Never will your toothbrush rest at the bottom of the drawer

So they don’t get misplaced, you can organize the smaller items in your cleaning closet.

Instead of leaving a pile of dirty clothes in your room, just make a hanging laundry hamper.

Transform your iPad into a mini TV station


Gather those messy cords together, like this, so you can tidy them up

Your kid’s play station won’t be as messy as before

Paper towel holders? The hooks can do that as well

You can paint a cheap-looking hook into a shiny “metal” one

They can be used to hold bags of chips in your pantry


You can hang up the rack in your shower to keep things nice and clean

Do command hooks have any limit on what they can be used for? Probably not. As long as you can conjure up new ways to utilize them, their purpose would probably be limitless.