Three-Legged Pit Bull is the World’s Greatest Dog


Pit bulls have this odd reputation for being among the most mean-spirited animals in the world. But, contrary to the popular conceptions of many , they are actually gentler than the rest of the dog population. And they too have stable temperaments. It all depends on how humans treat and train them. If this isn’t believable for you, check out Bella’s story.

Dubbed as the world’s greatest dog, Bella is a rescued three-legged pit bull. When she was first adopted, her owners already had an idea how she would react to house guests because she already befriended a cow, took care of some piglets, and watched over battery-caged chickens. What they didn’t know about is her motherly instinct.

Recently, she has showcased her motherly skills. She helped her owner raise three litters of kittens. She shares her bed and her water bowl. She also takes turns in grooming them and greets them every morning by wrapping them around her legs. She definitely does her part to ensure these kittens can adjust into their new home.





This is is Bella, a rescued pit. Ain

Although she only has three legs, she has a very big heart.


She helps her owners care for newly adopted animals.

Her owners foster for the local animal shelter, and Bella jumps right in there to help out.

And she loves all of them!

The kittens love their foster mommy just as much as Bella loves them!

Whenever Bella comes back in from an afternoon walk, her kitten babies always greet her with a hug.

They always greet their canine mother when she comes back in from her afternoon walk...



Each kitten gets his or her turn for grooming from Bella.

...And each little baby get his or her turn for Bella to groom them.

This is definitely a beautiful canine and feline portrait.

They take quite the pretty family portrait!


Know more about their story through this video:



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