Beautiful Tiny Houses That are Big on Style

Beautiful Tiny Houses That are Big on Style

If you ask people if they want to own a”tiny house” they would probably say no. Tiny houses were once described as ugly campers but with today’s creative architects, tiny houses have become more and more livable.

With minimalist living become more popular, architects are creating stunning small-scale houses. These structures can serve different purpose such as a studio, workspace, guest house, backyard getaway or even a sauna. Here are some of the world’s most livable, creative, beautiful and well-designed small-scale houses.

Banyan Treehouse

Designed by RPA, this treehouse is designed to be a studio and a guest house. Set on near a pond in Los Angeles’ Nicolas Canyon, the Banyan Treehouse is a modern interpretation of a treehouse.


Wheelhaus Wedge Cabin

A modern take of the manufactured park model, the Wheelhaus Wedge Cabin took the blocky designs and turned it into welcoming and aesthetically interesting residences. Narrow lines along the top wall allow natural light to illuminate the Wheelhaus. The Wheelhaus is priced at about $75,000 and can easily be placed on a truck trailer.


Prefab Shipping Container Home

One Cool Habitat’s take on shipping container homes takes minimalist living into a new level. With lots of windows, this modern container house is well ventilated. Owners can turn this comfortable container house into a guest house, an extra bedroom or an additional space for whatever the owners want.


TUTU House

One of the main problems in Tokyo is space. To address this problem, architect Satoshi Kurosaki designed a house that would fit the cramped space of Tokyo. TUTU House, built in 2004, is a tall three-story-house that measures just less than 300 square feet. Don’t let its small area fool you; TUTU House is quite comfortable and spacious because of its design. Just look at the pictures if don’t believe me.


Mineral House

Another tiny house designed and built by a Japanese architect. Mineral House measures just 480 square feet and located in Tokyo’s Nakano ward is designed by Yasuhiro Yamashita. This geometric shaped house has many large windows allowing the sun to naturally light the house.


OfficePod Concept

London’s OfficePOD designed and created these cool pods. Their pods can be brought to your own backyard. Perfect for those who work at home, measuring at just 196 square feet. The OfficePod Concept can be a home office.


Holyoke Cabin

Designed and built by Paul Stankey and his brother, the Holyoke Cabin goes for the rustic look. Using raw shipping containers, the founders of Hive Modular, have built a cheap and functional living house. As an added bonus, the Holyoke Cabin is also green. It uses solar energy to power the house.


Element Tiny House

MOS Architects’ Element house series look like toys at first look but they are truly livable residences. Using a giant light well; the Element houses uses daylight to light their interior. MOS Architects developed the interior using the Fibonacci sequence to create an organic structure that can be string together to create a larger version of the Element house.


Denizen Sauna

Want your own sauna? Denizen Works + Friends built a sauna in Norway using local timbers. This sauna is on skid so that it can be transported anywhere.


L41 House

A 220-square-foot modern eco-friendly studio that uses LED lighting, solar heating and a green roof, what’s not to like? This small but very comfortable studio is perfect living space.


Tetra-Shed Compact Pod

This home office pod is Tetra-shaped. Made from matte black rubber, engineered timber and birch plywood, this modular structure can fit two people comfortably. The Tetra-Shed can also be converted into a meditation space or an art studio.


Bauhus Barge Houseboat

Dreaming of owning a boat or a yacht you can call your home but can’t afford it? Then, Bauhaus Barge Houseboat is perfect for you. Measuring 675-square-feet, the houseboat runs entirely from solar panels. It has two cabins, a bathroom, a kitchen and a large lounge area.


Studiomama Beach Chalet

A beach house with a rustic look yet modern amnesties, Studiomama’s beach chalet fits a living and dining area, two bedrooms, a bathroom and a kitchen in its 388 square feet area. This tiny house is a perfect beach house.



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