‘America’s Best Looking Couple’ Spends $70,000 Per Year to Maintain Their Good Looks

‘America’s Best Looking Couple’ Spends $70,000 Per Year to Maintain Their Good Looks

Buck and Michelle Miller proudly call themselves “America’s Best Looking Couple.” After spending almost $70,000 to look that good, who is to argue with them?

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“Without a doubt, we are America’s best looking couple that’s a fact, hands down. If there was a competition for the world’s best looking couple, I would sign up right now,” Buck said proudly. The couple aren’t just big fans of each other, but they also have their son to cheer them on. “I ask my son to do my progress pictures, and when I’m practicing my posing, he’ll practice my posing with me,” Buck added.

The two seem to be a match made in heaven because they seem to be obsessed with perfection. Buck and Michelle have hung photos of each other in their Las Vegas home.

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Twenty-seven-year-old Buck is a bodybuilder and a personal trainer like his 33-year-old wife, Michelle. Together, the best looking couple have splurged money on treatments to maintain their good looks, including manicures, hair treatments, gym memberships, supplements, and more.

Michelle, who has been participating in fitness competitions longer than her husband, has also shelved off money to pay for her 34D breast implants.

“I had the surgery because having a child my body changed my body and I wasn’t with my appearance after effects of breast feeding,” Michelle said. “Also lifting weights causes women to lose their breasts, it slowly turns them into pecks from doing chest exercises. Having plastic surgery definitely made a big impact on keeping my femininity, which was important to me.”

Her measurements now run on an impressive 26-inch waist and 33-inch hips.

“The first thing that attracted me to Michelle was her physique. I’ve always been attracted to muscly women and her quads were amazing,” Buck shared. “She really inspired me to get into it too. I wanted to look good next to her.”

The couple met while watching a body competition of a mutual friend. After that, they began a long distance relationship as Michelle was from Canada and Buck from Las Vegas. They eventually sorted things out and got married not long after. Their relationship is mostly strengthened by their love for a healthy lifestyle.

“Michelle got me into this lifestyle, but I wanted to clean up my lifestyle and to better myself,” Buck said. “Bodybuilding has made me into a better person. I feel great about myself, I motivate and inspire people. I look great and it’s brought a lot of structured discipline to my life.”

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Michelle has been doing very well when it came to pursuing her passion. She managed to win her first competition back in 2011 for the Western Canadian Championship.

“I trained myself and in the months leading up to the competition worked so hard,” Michelle shared. “I was terrified when I was up on the stage. I was sweating and nervous and excited. But I felt amazing when they read my name out as the overall winner. It was overwhelming.”

She currently has several trophies under her belt and has established herself in the industry. Buck, on the other hand, is getting there. He only recently began competing and has garnered some trophies himself.

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