Capella Singapore Hotel

Capella Singapore Hotel

The Capella on Sentosa Island must be the new serenity for people who want to have another great hotel experience. You will see an impressive glimpse of its luxury along the private driveway.

The vibrant rain forest around the curved buildings ensures that a vacation on Sentosa Island would be memorable. The calming view of the South China Sea adds to the soothing ambiance of the colonial buildings of the Capella Resort with a complete resort and spa.

Foster + Partners, their architects, have brilliantly tie up together the old and new shades of Singaporean feels on their two historic bungalows named Tanah Merah or red earth in Malay. Aside from its astonishing view in the hotel, the staff are also remarkably hospitable. These new hotel extension and villas  were previously British colonial buildings in the 1880s  before it has been restored to a better one.

Capella Singapore

Capella Singapore

Guests are rest assured an experience of a peaceful isolation in its satisfying environment with its 112 rooms, villas, manors, and suites. Capella Singapore offers the most ample accommodation where you can find the tranquil relaxation you are looking for.

What’s Inside the Capella Singapore Hotel?

Each hotel room is inspired by pieces of Asian touch of contemporary designs, creating a comfortable atmosphere. Every manors and villas contain outdoor showers, bathtubs, and private plunge pools that perfectly offer privacy

Premier Rooms

Capella Singapore

Constellation Rooms

Capella Singapore

Two-Bedroom Villa

Capella Singapore




Sentosa Suites

Capella Singapore

Capella Suites

Capella Singapore

Contemporary Manor

Capella Singapore

Colonial Manors

With its many fine dining options to choose from, Capella Singapore also offers the best cuisine along the restaurant belt in Sentosa Island. There is something special tourists must try for every palate at their restaurant whether you choose to dine at the Knolls, their authentic Mediterranean restaurant, or at the Cassia, the fine-dining Chinese restaurant.

You have lots of lunch and dinner menus to choose from. For tourists who love privacy while sipping tea or coffee on a leisurely afternoon, the terrace overlooking the pool garnished by the reflection of the South China Sea.

The Knolls




Cassia, the modern Chinese restaurant, took inspiration from the ancient spice routes in Western and Southern China and also on the coast of Singapore. Recipes are traditionally cooked and blended with high-class Cantonese technique.


Relax in the magnificent atmosphere and enjoy a session of wine on the Terrace of the Bob’s Bar. This reminiscent of a Cuban island bars joins classicism and Old World charm with elegance and a new world sensuality.

Bob’s Bar

Indulge in the resort’s relaxing treatment by the legendary Aurisga spa after you unwind by the tranquil cascading swimming pool. Bask in the balminess of Autumn as the therapists offer a great selection of massages and scrubs for a complete transformation of your spa experience on the second rank of the swimming pool to complement your ideal afternoon.

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