Choir’s A Cappella Version of “Amazing Grace” Will Blow You Away

Choir’s A Cappella Version of “Amazing Grace” Will Blow You Away

What sets a singer apart from the rest? Is it their voice? Is it the songs that they sing? Or is it the passion that they pour into every note that they belt out.

The group this article is about will make you understand why it’s the latter that makes a singer great and why it’s their passion that sets them apart from the rest.


These talented young people from Brigham Young University, who are collectively known as Noteworthy, came together to record an angelic rendition of America’s most favorite hymn—”Amazing Grace,” a song that has been heard a million times by many. But for some reason, this rendition will make you fall in love with the track all over again.



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Proving the power that their version holds, the video of them singing quickly reached nearly 2 million views since it was uploaded on the video-streaming Web site YouTube. It even landed a spot on iTunes’ top 10 Christian songs.

Once you hear it, you will definitely not doubt why it became viral once you hear the ladies’ tender voices.


What sets the group’s version apart from the rest is the consistency of their vocals. Their amazing voices and raw talent paired with their stunning sense of passion for music can be felt throughout the song.









The whole recording was done without the aid of any instrument.and their talented voices harmonize in a way that is unmatched.

The a cappella choir Noteworthy has already performed in front of various audiences on national television and has won multiple championships across the world.



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All of the members say that they are women of strong personal faith who do their best to uplift others through music. With every note they hit, they make sure that this goal will be fulfilled.




Watch their amazing performances below.