McDowell’s Is a Reborn Fast-Food Restaurant in Chicago …See Where It Got Its Famous Fictional Start!

McDowell’s Is a Reborn Fast-Food Restaurant in Chicago …See Where It Got Its Famous Fictional Start!

The comedy film Coming to America starring Eddie Murphy is just one of those treasured ’80s comedy flicks. The movie’s backdrop venue centers on the fictional McDowell’s restaurant that employed Murphy’s character.

But now, almost three decades later, McDowell’s is no longer imaginary, but an actual fast-food restaurant—at least temporarily. The people behind the project? The Weiner’s Circle in Chicago.

It’s the famous hot dog stand’s surprise for Halloween. They made a complete remake of the fictional fast-food restaurant McDowell’s. People were completely confused as they pass by the establishment.

Talking about the expenses they had to shoulder to make the restaurant a reality, The Wiener’c Club’s Brooker said, “It was definitelt costly. We’re not going to make any money this week, but we wanted to make a splash.”

As of the next day following the establishment of the temporary restaurant, Brroker said that the employees at the McDonald’s across the street at 2635 N. Clark Street had yet to say anything to them.

But according to Brooker, the McDowell’s will Winer’s Circle again the following Monday.

After all, the restaurant has become a staple in Chicago, thanks to its sassy staff members, who are verbally abusive, in a fun way. But of course, there’s also the good food that everybody can’t seem to get enough of.


The resemblance of the restaurant is completely uncanny. Complete with the “golden arcs” symbol and the “Big Mick” as part of their menu. They also added a few red benches outside for guests to lounge on. To top it all off, they also included a poster of Louie Anderson Maurice as the employee of the month.

If you have forgotten what the McDowell’s looked like in the Eddie Murphy movie, worry not, as we prepared some videos for you below.


Reminisce the look of McDowell’s with these videos: