Clever Hidden Passageways in Homes that Hide Your Darkest Secrets

Clever Hidden Passageways in Homes that Hide Your Darkest Secrets

Secret passageways have become one of our dream-house features when we were little kids. Those were the little hidden sections we often only see in movies. But there are homeowners who have probably seen one too many fairy-tale movies featuring hidden passages that they’ve incorporated into their own abode.

These 25 secret passageways built into homes have similarities with your favorite action-packed adventure movies. They are not only amazing, they can also pass as inspiration for your own secret hideout.

Hidden Bathroom in the Library

A great place to run to when there is an emergency. It might be difficult to find the door, though.

A Window and a Parking Area

Who would have thought it isn’t just a window?

A Glamour in the Walls

Instead of a door, you will be pushing over an entire wall.

Real-Life Dexter’s Lab

An escape hatch? No, its a slide down into a hidden room.

A Room Inside a Room

A book is the key to open a door to another room. But this is a little tricky! If you’re not keen enough, you might not even be able to find it.




A Secret Passage on the Landing

This is a great hiding spot for hide-and-seek.

A Mural Hiding Everything

beautiful living room is just behind that mural.

Burglar-Proof Garage

We think your car will  remain secure here.

Hidden Shelter in the Kitchen

Makes a great storm shelter.

A Little Escape

This is a serene little working area when the world becomes too much to bear.




Kitchen in a Kitchen

The whole kitchen counter is just behind the cabinet.

Hidden Slides

Not Your Ordinary Staircase

You wouldn’t even notice this hidden passageway if the portal is closed.

Hidden Compartment


Another Amazing Stairs

A whole new room will be opened up with just a click of a button.




Secret Vault

That mirror has a dirty little secret.

The Club of Guns

Here is one way to keep guns away from the kids . . .

Even Frames Can Do

Funny place for storage!

Secret Office

Unveil a private office as you open a bookcase.

Two Features in One

Twist the wall around to see a library or an office.




A Library in a Library


A Room Behind the Fireplace

This picture gives you the medieval feels.

Narnia-Inspired Secret Room

Remember The Witch, the Lion, and the Wardrobe? They finally come to life.

Behind the Brick Wall

These bricks conceal this hidden room perfectly.

Hidden Wine Cellar

Here is one great way to amaze your visitors when you grab a new bottle of wine for them.

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