Commercial Deemed Too ‘Sexy’ for TV Has a Hilarious Twist That Will Make You Crack

Commercial Deemed Too ‘Sexy’ for TV Has a Hilarious Twist That Will Make You Crack

One good marketing strategy is to make sure a commercial ad stands out. For this particular advertisement, regulators seem to have found it too sexy for television. But even with its risque theme, the comedic timing in the end calls for both a good shock and a great laugh.

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The commercial starts with scantily clad adults playing a game of strip poker. They all look attractive and are definitely in shape. When the women start removing each article of clothing, the men look pleased enough. But the game is interrupted when the lights are on and, a nurse is seen standing by the door.


No other major spoilers are set here for you as this is something you’ll need to watch till the end to get to the good part. You’ll probably never guess what product the commercial was endorsing either.

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It actually seems appealing to the target audience. But what will really catch your attention is how clever this commercial is. Too bad it wasn’t allowed on TV as the product could have been flying off the shelves.


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