The Coolest Toilets in the World

The Coolest Toilets in the World

Architecture and technology do not only mean buildings, structures and gadgets, they also mean home accessories and everyday objects developed to give us more convenient ways to do things. Brilliant innovators of the twenty first century thankfully never missed the few things most artists and designers take for granted- toilets and urinals. It’s about time we visit the rest room and check out the coolest toilets in the world below.

1. Fish ‘n Flush Toilet

We heard you complaining about flushing these fishes into the toilet, but no, it is not going to happen. Fish ‘n Flush is a smart way to give you a soothing scene of fishes inside a real-life aquarium wrapped around a small cistern in a completely separate system so you won’t have to flush these fishes out.

2. A Bulletproof Toilet

In response to 9/11 attack, a bulletproof public rest room was created at the Zhong Guan Village Plaza in China that can withstand TNT explosion.

3. The Disappearing Toilet

Now you see it, now you don’t. These public toilets were created to stop party people from urinating in the street while going from bar to bar. These urinals are visible after 10pm and disappears after 3am to prevent traffic in the morning.

4. A Ski Resort Toilet




Pretend like you are at the top of a ski jump while sitting in the toilet during your visit in this Japanese ski resort.

5. The “Swiss Army Knife” Toilet

If you have problems with space, you can always take cue from this Vertebrae Vertical Bathroom complete with toilet, sink, two storage units, cistern and two shower heads.

6. The Underwater Toilet

If Fish ‘n Flush just doesn’t work for you, go all out with an aquarium wall found at the Mumin Papa Cafe in Akashi, Japan. If you want one like this in your home, you just need to prepare $270,000.

7. The Vertigo Toilet

Dreaming of the Big Apple while sitting in the toilet? This one should work for you.

8. Lips Wide Open




One of the most controversial urinals in the world is found in the 25H Hotel in Frankfurt. While some men find these structures creative and funny, others find them offensive.

9. Bar and a Toilet

Chung Yo Department Store in Taichung City, Taiwan gives men more reason to stay longer in the wash room, and earns more money with the beers and drinks too!

10. Confidence Boosting Urinals

This supposedly confidence-boosting urinals in the Sofitel Hotel in Queenstown, New Zealand make other men feel very intimated while facing this ver sinister wall.

11. Bathroom Made of Gold

A Chinese jeweler mogul decided to make a solid gold bathroom in 2001 at his Swisshorn Gold Palace in Hong Kong with 380kg of pure gold featuring a solid gold toilet, bathtub and sink.

12. Infinity Toilet

Because tiled floor is too mainstream, a penthouse in Mexico decided to spice things up by creating an elevator shaft illusion on their bathroom floors.

13. Mirrored See-Through Toilet




Designed by Monica Bonvicini, this one way mirror glass toilet allows users inside the room to view the streets outside without having the outsiders see what’s going inside.

14. Diamond Encrusted Toilet

If there is a golden toilet, there is also a diamond toilet.

15. Tuba Urinal

The owner of a Freiburg restaurant in Germany must have tons of tubas in the house he has no more space to keep them so he decided to turn some of them as urinals.




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