Couples that BOTH Have Had Sex Change surgery

Couples that BOTH Have Had Sex Change surgery

Being gay, lesbian, or bisexual is something people tend to hide from others, knowing that not everyone would be willing to accept them for who they are. But some from the LGBT family are so proud to be real that they even take it to the point of changing their sexes. But the thing is, like what we often believe, these people will find it hard to find their one true love, get married, and have a family. But here are seven couples from all around the world who braved the circumstances and had double sex change just to complete their unusual yet inspiring love stories.


Felix Laws and Helen Morfitt: The Man Who Used to Be a Woman and Married a Woman Who Used to Be a Man

Meet Helen Morfitt and Felix Laws, Britain’s first couple to have a double sex swap marriage. The couple first met in 2008 after Felix, who was then a woman, consulted with his doctor about his being a transgender. His doctor sent Felix to a psychologist who recommended him with a transgender support group run by Helen.

Both of them had their reassignments on a September 13—Helen in 2003 and Felix in 2010—to fit the date for their wedding. The couple had been together for six years and were forced to change gender on their birth certificates before they could elope to Scotland and get married.

Helen stands 7 inches taller than Felix, making them an attraction when they walk in the streets. They have ten children, but this is the first time that either of them is tying the knot after changing their genders.


Chen and Jiang Ling: The Couple Who Got Married and Now Want Sex Change Operations to Swap Roles


Husband Chen Li and wife Jiang Ling (not their real names) wanted to swap roles by means of sex reassignment surgery after one year of marriage. The couple looked like any ordinary pair, but when asked why they wanted transexual operations, Chen said that as an introvert, she enjoys his wife’s care and protection, while Jiang said she was tired of her mother-in-law’s constant bullying.

Chen has been the apple of his mother’s eye. He was never out of his parents’ sight until he entered high school, so he has grown dependent all his life. “I want to be a woman so that Jiang can take care of me,” he said.

Chen’s mom doesn’t really like Jiang for her son because Jiang was previously married and had a baby who died for undisclosed reasons. “No matter how much I do for her, she’s still not happy with me and have to scold me a few times a day,” Jiang said.

The idea of swapping sexes came after Jiang had another argument with Chen’s mom. Angry, Jiang told his husband, “If I were a man and you were a woman, I wouldn’t get bullied!”

Both have agreed together on the idea. However, they would like to have a child first before the swap. Still, despite being a new woman and a new man, Chen will be the husband, and Jiang will be the wife.


Barry and Anne Watson: The Couple that Married a Second Time After a Sex Change


This couple proves that love is sweeter the second time around. Barry and Anne were married in 2002, but after several years, their love turned sour. Barry had a sex change after that. When they met again in 2011, they renewed their vows as Jane and Anne! They now share their lives in a same-sex relationship.

Anne admitted that she missed the old Barry, but there were new things about Jane that she enjoyed getting to know, like being able to laugh and talk about hair, clothes, and makeup that Anne decided to push through the second ceremony. She now proves to Jane and to the world that she accepts her for who she is.


Janeen and David: The Intersex British Couple Who Wrote to the Queen for Permission to Get Married

In 1994, Janeen Newman and David Willis wrote a letter to the Queen asking her to allow them to get married. Janeen, who used to be a man, and David, who used to be a woman, had been living together in Louth, Lincolnshire. They met five years before as Janeen was getting ready for her sex change operation.

The text of their royal letter was published right on the front page of the Grimsby Evening Telegraph. Newman wrote in their letter, “My partner David Willis and I wish to be married. We intend to spend the rest of our lives together and want to solemnize our relationship legally and provide a formal family unit in which to raise David’s daughter. We are very ordinary citizens and seek only to be able to live our lives as other citizens are allowed to do. We wish to live industrious and integrated lives in society.”

Under British law, one can only possible marry based on the gender on your birth certificate. You could change your name and title by which you want others to address you, but you couldn’t have a “chromosome recount.”


Jamie Eagle and Louis Davies: The Transgender Engaged Couple Who Won’t Marry until Their Gender Confirmation Surgeries are Complete

Twenty-year-old Jamie Eagle was born a boy and now lives as a woman. Her fiancée, twenty-five-year-old Louis Davies, was born a girl and now lives as a man. After a whirlwind romance for nine months, the young couple got engaged. But since they were still both undergoing gender reassignment at the time, they had to wait until their surgeries were completed before tying the knot.

The couple from Wales met when Louis invited Jamie to speak in his university group while preparing to come out as transgender.



Arin Andrews and Katie Hill: The Teenage Couple Who Met at a Support Group for Transgender Teens

It’s hard to believe that teenage couple Arin Andrews and Katie Hill had both undergone surgery to change their genders. Two years ago, Arin was a girl named Emerald, and Katie was a boy named Luke. They also met that year at a support group for transgender teenagers. The twosome are now enjoying the bodies that they are in, and both of their families have shown support for their relationship. In 2014, however, news reports came out that the two decided to part ways.


Alexis and Karen: The Argentinian Transgender Couple

This transgender couple from Argentina had their first daughter in 2013. Alexis and Karen are their current names as stated in their respective DNI after a law was passed in May 2012, in which the court decided according to the state rule that declares that any person may “request the modification registration of sex and the change of name and image when it doesn’t coincide with self-perceived identity.”

Alexis and Karen met, fell in love, and decided to become parents. Alexis stopped his male hormone treatment for some time to give way to pregnancy. In December 2013, Alexis gave birth to a baby girl named Genesis Angelina.


Check out the video of their ultrasound.

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