Craziest Water Slides in the World

Craziest Water Slides in the World

These waterslides is a formula of fun +  craze = crazily fantastic water slide adventures that are definitely a must-try. What are you waiting for? Get in for some adrenaline-rushing and exhilirating fun this summer!

Green Viper of Europabad Karlsruhe

Just one look at the bright green eyes of the snake with its mouth wide open will make any first-timer frantic. But this poisonous-looking snake is so much fun once you give it a try. Its interior slide consists of many sound effects and highlights. A portion of the slide also consists of a horizontal funnel that hollows down to the bottom. One of its special feature of the Green Viper is the Europabad Jump with its rapid speed slides.

Carrera Racer Slide

Magic Eye -Erding, Germany

At 356 meters long and 22 meters high, the Magic Eye is the world’s longest closed tube water slide in the world. It’s located at Galaxy Erding aquapark in Erding, Germany.



Extreme Trapdoor Water Slide

“Bad 1″ in Bremerhaven, Germany

This modern tube slide replaced the park’s old tunnel slide while still keeping it’s old layout. The slide is 256 feet long and 25 feet tall and is equipped with various light effects like RGB daylight rings.


Future Water Slide at Aquapark Wrocław

This future water park slide is an indoor aqua park at Aquapark Wroclaw in Wroclaw, Poland.




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