The Crazy Stuck on a Pole Prank

The Crazy Stuck on a Pole Prank

“Stuck on a Lamppost” prank has become viral. The prank is quite funny and simple enough that anyone can do it. That prank start by coaxing your friend to wrap his legs around a lamppost, and have them sit down cross-legged. Unless you have massiveĀ upper body strength, it’ll be impossible to lift yourself up high enough to unlock your legs.

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Unknown to many, this is actually a WW2 restraining technique. It use known as the Grape Vine maneuver, and is used to restrain and sometimes torture prisoners. If you’re doing this prank to your friend, don’t leave him alone because he might die from it.


According to WW2 military manual, after 10 to 15 minutes in this position, you start getting cramps in your legs. The pain becomes unbearable and the natural reaction would be to let go of your hands to relieve the pain. Letting go of your hands will cause you to fall backwards. This unnatural position places pressure on your ribcage forcing your breathing to be restricted. Eventually, you will pass out, your lungs may collapse if you are not pulled out in time leading to your death.

To release someone in this position, two persons are necessary, one on either side. Take hold of his legs and lift him up the tree or pole; then unlock his legs.


Here are videos of this funny but dangerous prank:

Bonus: funny videos that show people got their tongues stuck into a frozen pole!



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