Curvy Twins Lead Completely Identical Lives to Get Matching Booties

Curvy Twins Lead Completely Identical Lives to Get Matching Booties

There are two upcoming talents that are gaining popularity and making a name for themselves on social media. Miriam and Michelle Carolus  the Curvy Twins have almost 250,000 followers on Instagram. Fans love their derrieres because that is what’s popular with celebrities now. They claim they are both natural—no surgical enhancements. Their body shape is the result of a regime that has them living the same lifestyle to achieve the same body.

Michelle explains, “We make sure we eat the same, exercise the same—everything the same.” They even call each other when they are apart to make sure they consume the same number of calories.

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They do a couple thousand squats a day to stay in shape. They spread out their exercise throughout the day. The sisters both work for a Miami plastic surgeon. They enhanced their cup size from B cups to D cups, spending $5,000 US dollars on matching breast implants. But they say they won’t have any more surgery.

Miriam, who stands 5 feet tall, says, “We would never consider surgery on our butts, our workout plan pretty much takes care of that. And when you do it naturally through hard work, it makes you feel a lot better about yourself.”

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The curvy twins live a very similar life, working for the same plastic surgeon and living next door to each other in Florida. The identical twins were very close growing up. Their mother tried to separate them by placing them in separate classes, but in college, they came together to study to become medical technicians.

They have always been beautiful, but it was only two years ago, they wanted to try urban modeling. They are known as the Double Dose Twins.

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Michelle is 45 minutes older than her sister. She explains their fame by sharing, “It started off with Instagram. We’d never had social media before then. We posted a picture and got a lot of attention from the first shoot we did. We’ve had a lot of bookings for magazines and offers to travel. Modelling is actually a lot of fun.”

They have earned a decent amount, $30,000 US dollars, and have been able to go to exotic locations like Dubai for their jobs.

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