This Dad Crawled into His Baby’s Crib, What Happened Next is Adorable

This Dad Crawled into His Baby’s Crib, What Happened Next is Adorable


Parents will do everything just to comfort their children, even if they have to climb into their cribs just to make them fall asleep. And, this is exactly one father did!

Nunzio Raso


In a funny home video below, new father Nunzio Raso, who hails from Canada, shows his own way of getting a crying baby to sleep.

He wrote on YouTube, “I decided that the only way that I could keep this baby from crying is doing the unthinkable!”

The hilarious part is that by the time his 10-month-old Michela started falling asleep, he attempted to make an escape without disturbing her. Unfortunately, he was unsuccessful.

He said, “Hello to all the parents out there that have young children! It’s a tough job!”



After a couple of unsuccessful attempts, the new father finally lays down again on the crib.


When everything seems silent, the father tries to make an escape again.



For six hours, he tried to get out of the crib. And he was nothing but successful. Whenever he moved, baby Michela repositions herself in a more awkward way preventing his escape.


Watch the hilarious video below:

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