Deep-Fried Powder Sugar Oreos

Deep-Fried Powder Sugar Oreos

County fairs in the US have always been the forerunners when it comes to culinary innovations for years and years now and their specialty is deep-frying new and different types of food. In fact, the Texas State Fair, which is known as the biggest in the country, initiates a contest every year for the most inventive deep-fried treats. One of the especially delectable creations that resulted from the state fair were the battered and deep-fried Oreo cookies.














Aside from a deep fryer or a very large pot, you do not need much to make these fair favorites. The only ingredients you need for this sweet treat are probably already in your pantry and these are:

– Oreos (you can also use other cream-filled chocolate sandwich cookies if you like or even those with different-flavored fillings), one 18-ounce pack

– Pancake Mix, one cup

– Milk, one cup

– Egg, one (large)

– Vegetable Oil, two teaspoons (for the mix) and two quarts (for the frying)





To know how to put all of these together so you can make these delicious confections yourself, check out the video below.

They are superbly easy to make, right? So, if you are aching for a snack right now, why don’t you grab those ingredients and start making a batch right now.


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