DIY Cloud Lamp That Will Bring Excitement to your Home

DIY Cloud Lamp That Will Bring Excitement to your Home

Don’t you just love having a touch of nature inside your house and a bunch of lovely clouds in your room that light up instead of gushing drops of rain? If you do, then you will totally love our creative and amazing house hack for today, a DYI cloud lamp made of LED lights.

Are you ready to get started?

Things to Prepare

Paper lanterns (in different sizes)


Hot glue gun and sticks

Screenshot (175)-Optimized

Battery powered LED lights

Screenshot (176)-Optimized

Fishing string

Screenshot (177)-Optimized


Cotton Balls

Screenshot (178)-Optimized

Also prepare a wooden dowel and screw hook before you start with the project.

What to Do

1. Attach the cotton to the paper lantern using the hot glue and a glue gun.

Screenshot (179)-Optimized

2. Tie the fishing string around the wooden dowel.

Screenshot (180)-Optimized

3. Hook both ends of the wood into the ceiling.

Screenshot (181)-Optimized


4. Adjust the length with the fishing strings if necessary.

Screenshot (182)-Optimized

5. Add the paper lanterns with cottons to the wooden dowel.

Screenshot (183)-Optimized

Add more according to your preferences.

Screenshot (184)-Optimized

6. Attach your LED lights through the base of the cloud.

Screenshot (185)-Optimized

7. Once your LED lights are securely fastened, plug it in.

Screenshot (186)-Optimized

For a more dramatic effect, turn off your lights and this is what happens:

Screenshot (187)-Optimized

It’s easy to do and it’s within the budget, don’t you think? Want more cloud lamps inspiration? Check out the images below:

DIY cloud lamp.jpg


To walk you through the procedure, check the video below:

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