Do-It-Yourself Nutella Star Bread

Do-It-Yourself Nutella Star Bread

Don’t all of our eyes just sparkle at the sight of a jar of Nutella? Perhaps, if you’re stressed, you just want to lie in your bed and finish a whole jar of it while trying to forget the issues you had to face that day. Forget about calories, you care more about the sweets and get de-stressed; and at the time, Nutella is your best friend.

From the founder of the one of the best chocolate brands Ferrero Rochers, Pieto Ferrero, the Nutella was conceptualized basically out of nowhere. It was first created in 1940s when there was little to no chocolate because cocoa was scarce. Instead, Ferrero used hazelnuts and from there gave birth to the Nutella.

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Today, Nutella has remained to be well-liked after it has spread to over 160 countries around the world. People have made a lot of different desserts out of it. Now it’s time to take a look at one. Here’s the drool-worthy Nutella star bread. Get your 6 lb jug of Nutella here – Yum!!


To make this, you would need a pizza dough or mix from the store so it will be easier, or you can make your own if you want. Roll it like a pie crust. Spread Nutella four times. After it, cut it into sixteen parts, then twist 350 degrees for fifteen minutes.


Just the instruction sounds yummy, right? Well, it would really be awesome if you can make it yourself. When you are sod own, it will be a perfect save.

Watch these videos on how to make these delicious Nutella-braided and star bread recipes


Get your 6 lb jug of Nutella here – Yum!!

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