Watch These Dogs Set World Record While Riding Tricycles

Watch These Dogs Set World Record While Riding Tricycles


We have seen a lot of amazing, and somehow unusual, stuff in the Guinness World Records, the universally recognized authority on record-breaking achievements. This is where people showcase their unique talents and some things that are extraordinary — setting records, and even breaking previous ones.

Some of these records are daring feats and bizarre circumstances, while some are just plainly adorable — like this one.


Below is the video of an attempt to set the record on the fastest time for a dog to cycle 20 meters on a tricycle.

Two dalmatians have been selected and trained to accomplish the stunt. They both mounted the tricycles and pedaled to the finish line.


However, they were about to reach the 20-meter mark when they encountered a hitch in the middle of the race, as they both stopped.





The leading dog pedaled his tricycle backward, while the now-first recovers and takes the lead, and eventually setting the world record at 37.59 seconds.


Here is the video:


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