Rajacenna, the Dutch Ambidextrous Artist Who Draws Photo-Realistic Portraits

Rajacenna, the Dutch Ambidextrous Artist Who Draws Photo-Realistic Portraits

While others took years to learn a skill, Rajacenna simply picked up a pen one day, started sketching, and in no time mastered drawing hyper-realistic portraits. Born with the natural gift for art, she now does what most artists deem impossible.

Rajacenna: The Dutch Ambidextrous Artist Who Simultaneously Draws Two Separate Ultra-Realistic Photos

Rajacenna van Dam from the Netherlands is an exceptional artist who creates ultra-lifelike portraits. Her artistic knack comes so naturally that she instantly learned to draw two separate pencil-drawn portraits using both hands—at the same time! She draws in that style too effortlessly even without practicing beforehand, making her a fad online as the “Dutch Ambidextrous Artist” or the artist who draws equally well with the right and left hands.

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Fans absolutely crazed over the video she uploaded on YouTube on January 23, 2019. Rajacenna later admitted to getting “bored with drawing celebrities for many years,” so she decided to challenge herself. Since then, the video has already gained almost 70,000 views.

This isn’t the first spotlight for Rajacenna; in fact, she’s used to the attention. At the tender age of 12, she was Holland’s star who hosted and acted on different TV shows like Kinderjournal, the first Dutch show for kids. On top of that, she also modeled for various brands.


She hit an even larger milestone in her career when an American art publisher discovered her innate talent for drawing stunning photo-realistic art pieces. At 16, she became a prodigy revered by artists around the world. Three months after she picked up a pencil to draw, her works were published in the second and third edition of Amazing Pencil Portraits.

Her fame only grew bigger soon after and started appearing on shows in her home country and abroad. Her drawings were featured in art schools and displays such as the Mailbox exhibition in Birmingham, England, in 2011. Other than that, international celebs like Justin Bieber and Owl City project’s singer-songwriter Adam Young have personally requested Rajacenna’s services.


Now 25 years old, Rajacenna pursues her passion for art and shares it to the world by regularly uploading videos and updating posts on her personal social media accounts.

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