Most Expensive Animals in the World

10 of the Most Expensive Animals in the World

Rolls Royce is a reputable car manufacturer, so it’s understandable if their flagship, one-of-a-kind Sweptails is considered to be the most expensive car in the world. But would you believe that a horse could cost more than the car’s worth?

The Most Expensive Animals in the World

Animals are precious, they truly are! But it seems like some are more precious—and costlier—than others. From a chicken that’s worth $2,500 to a horse that was sold for $16 million, the price tags of these animals are unbelievable.

Here are the ten most expensive animals in the world.

10. Ayam Cemani Chicken, $2,500

Ayam Cemanis are Indonesia’s Lamborghini, except they’re chickens.They are an all-black bird breed, which makes them unique and rare. Reports say that they taste better than the regular chicken; others say sacrificing one will make your wishes come true. Well, yeah, sure, only if they didn’t cost $2,500 apiece.

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most expensive animals in the world

9. Hyacinth Macaw, $40,000

The jet-blue parrot Hyacint Macaw is a true beauty. The bird boasts a very long body and copies the sounds people make and just about everything they hear. Dubbed the Gentle Giant of Central America, Hyacinth Macaw is one of the most expensive animals in the world.

most expensive animals in the world

8. Sarez Zeus, $130,000

Bengal cats have the looks of leopard cats, which is why their breed is among the expensive cat breeds in the world. But in 2003, a couple successfully bred an F1 bengal, Sarez Zeus, which boasts 90 percent wild blood but still has the characteristics of a domesticated feline.

most expensive animals in the world

7. Rare stag beetle, $150,000

A rare stag beetle that has six antennas was found in Turkey and was soon put up for sale. To date, there has been no update as to who successfully purchased it and for how much, but experts suggest that a stag beetle of that kind can be sold for $150,000.

most expensive animals in the world

6. Sir Lancelot Encore, $155,000

Edgar and Nina Otto went the extra mile to resurrect their deceased dog, Sir Lancelot, and went on to pay a hefty price of $155,000 to clone the pet. Several testings later, Sir Lancelot Encore, the cloned version, was born in 2009.

5. Deveronvale Perfection, $347,000

Deveronvale Perfection, a Scottish sheep, truly lives up to its name—the ram has perfect physical attributes! Currently, Deveronvale holds the record for the most expensive sheep in the world.

4. Missy, $1.2 million

The Holstein cow Missy has the genes of a perfect-bred bovine. In a day, the million-dollar cow can fill a 50-liter drum with her milk, which is one of the reasons Missy is the world’s most favorite show cow.

3. Hong Don/ Big Splash, $1.5 million

Mastiffs are undeniably expensive dog breeds, but Hong Dong was the priciest of his kind. He’s worth almost $1.5 million. His owner, Lu Liang, says Big Splash was a perfect Tibetan breed, so the price tag is quite reasonable.

2. Fusaichi Pegasus, $4 million

Fusaichi Pegasus was the sire horse that won the Grade 2 San Felipe Stakes and Jerome Handicap races; no wonder the stallion costs $4 million when it was purchased by  Fusao Sekiguchi in 1998. However, reports have it that the horse was resold for more than $60 million to an Irish breeder.

1. The Green Monkey, $16 million

Named after the chimps of Barbados, Green Monkey sets the record as the most expensive animal in the world. This American thoroughbred racehorse was sold as a two-year-old colt at an auction for $16 million (equivalent to $19.9 million today). After suffering from health issues, the Green Monkey bid his last goodbye to the world in 2018.

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