The Dwarf Empire Of Little People in China Is The Strangest Amusement Park You Will Ever See

The Dwarf Empire Of Little People in China Is The Strangest Amusement Park You Will Ever See


Thankfully, we are not in King’s Landings today and we are not dealing with the Lannisters, where dwarfs are not accepted in the society. Otherwise, we won’t have this very lovely amusement park ruled by these little people somewhere in Asia.

In southern China near the city of Kunming, a little town rose to fame and became a tourist destination because of its amusement park featuring various performances by dwarfs. Known as the the Dwarf Empire of the Kingdom of Little People, the land has over 100 midgets on board, who found themselves a career by entertaining tourists as they sing, dance and perform on stage.

The Kingdom of Little People started in 2009 with a staggering cost of 14 million dollars. These skilled tiny people usually receive $160 to $480 a month for their job in the park.

However, not all dwarfs can get a job in the Dwarf Empire. Requirements state you must be 4 feet and 3 inches tall or less to make it to the town. You must also be physically healthy and must be no more than 50 years old as well.

These midgets perform twice a day, every day, in the park, and they wear suitable costumes according to their roles.



The park, however, faced various criticisms for using dwarfs as a matter of entertainment, thus disrespecting and exploiting them, according to Little People of America. But, these midgets who work in the park, including the founder, stood with the idea that the park provided dwarf people a decent job, a purpose, and freedom in life.

According to one of the employees in the Kingdom, the park gave them confidence and direction in life. They claimed that through their jobs, they feel like normal people and that dwarfism is not a disability for them.





The Dwarf Empire, unfortunately, does not generate as much profit as expected. But, through the hard work of the employees, the founder hoped that soon their Kingdom will be known at an international level.


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