These Early Hair Dryers from the 1920’s

These Early Hair Dryers from the 1920’s

The famous hooded hair dryer of Godefroy was copied by people from all over the world and became the primary tool in hair salons. It includes features such as heated coils in a single helmet and articulable nozzles. In 1991, a patent was granted to the first person to experience a handled hair dryers.

At that time, many portable dryers made a few problems. Some of them were being heaved, produced barely warmer air, and electrocuting the users. Salon hair dryers were the best option not long after the handheld dryers improved in aesthetics, power, and safety.

Here we take a look back at the earliest hair dryers made.


A woman experiences the first chrome-plated hairdryer.



A stylist stands and uses a freestanding dryer to blow dry the client’s hair at the Hairdressing Fair of Fashion in London.


The stylist is standing with complete precision to blow dry the woman’s hair.

November 5, 1930

A new hair drying machine at the Hairdressing Fashion Fair in London is tested by this woman.






The first-ever hair steam apparatus was made at the Hairdressing Exhibition in London.

Sept. 22, 1932

A woman tries out the newest  Supreme Pedestal hairdryer at the Hairdressing Exhibition in London.


A salon in Moscow, Russia, made a hair blower for the ladies.


Another weird blower in Cannes, France.



A salon in New York offers an advance hair blower, and Marjorie McWeeney tries it beside her son.


A creative woman uses a heat lamp made of hot glass to blow her hair dry.


The first hair treatment machine is used to a man’s scalp as he reads a paper.

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