These Engineering GIFs Are Extremely Satisfying

These Engineering GIFs Are Extremely Satisfying

Have you ever wondered how the products and items we own or have in our homes were made? From pretzels to crayola wrappers, these GIFs will show you the marvelous powers of machines.

Mark My Words

We can all agree how cool and marvelous this pretzel tying machine is.

Paper Clip Maker

Just seeing how a paper clip is made fascinates me in such an indescribable way.

Command C Command V

Twirl and cut. It’s as fast as copy-pasting a text or should I say “copy-pasta”.

Cookie Cutter

These 12 Machine GIFs Are The Most Hypnotizing Things Youll See Today Biscuit Shaping Machine

This is just amazing. Look at how the cookies are formed instantaneously. Pure awesomeness!

Chicken Wire

If this isn’t amazing, then I don’t know what is.


How Keys Work

Ever wondered why a key was formed the way it is? This GIF will put your mind at ease because now you will know how it works.

How a Sewing Machine Works

So, that’s HOW a sewing machine works! Simply brilliant!

Cone Clone

You will never disrespect a cone ever again. A look at how they’re made will leave you in awe.

Icing on the Cake

These 12 Machine GIFs Are The Most Hypnotizing Things Youll See Today Cake Icing Machine

Nothing still beats a hand-made cake. But, you have to admit, this is really cool!

Battery Belt

These 12 Machine GIFs Are The Most Hypnotizing Things Youll See Today Battery Organizing Machine

You’re probably wishing that you have this machine to organize your room.


Coin Sorter

Are you astonished? Well, the best part is that this machine has no moving parts and the coins are simply being sorted by gravity as it passes through inclined planes. Then, the coins are separated by their diameter. It can also sort 300 coins per minute. Yeah, that’s how awesome it is!

Fortune Cookie Maker

After seeing this, you may think that fortune cookies are less mysterious now. But, you have to admit that the procedure used in making them is still astounding.

Testing Highlighters

22 Mesmerising GIFs That Show How Things Are Made

Despite the perfect spaces these highlighters make when being tested, that’s still a lot of ink to waste.

Michael Jackson’s Patented Shoe gifs

We may have known this for a while. But still, it looks pretty awesome.

Crayon Wrapping

Simple, but efficient. Make that incredible, as well.


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