These Epic Translations Fails that Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

These Epic Translations Fails that Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

Being fluent in a foreign language takes a lot of time studying, practicing and translations. It is an incredible achievement once you perfect and broadens your linguistic skills. However, these people don’t seem to understand the importance of knowing the language.

1.  How to lazily translate numbers from Japanese into English.


2.  When you have to advertise to a foreign audience.

3.  Breaking Bad trying to communicate with Spanish audience.


4.  This person must be fluent in Spanglish.


5.  Apparently, “english” is the only English translation.




6.  What do the parts of speech have to do with swimming?


7.  How to not translate “No Smoking” and “Fasten Seatbelts.”


8.  Google Translate gives it a more intense translation.


9.  This restaurant seems suspicious . . . I don’t know.


10.  The translator could not connect to transcribe the salon’s name.




11.  English is the new Spanish and French.


12.  Bing is really useful in translation.


13.  Putting “0” at the end of every word doesn’t translate into Spanish.


14.  I think someone from Google is having a  bad breakup.


15.  How to translate English numbers into French.




16.  I think these translations is trying to be Shakespeare.


17.  Better learn their language.


18. translations Google Translate failed in math.


19.  translations I’ll have some of that “Whatever.”


20. translations “I want my tattoo to say ‘Regret’ in Chinese.”




21.  Do you really have to translations the name?


22.  “Honesty is the best policy” is the code of this Chinese restaurant.


23.  Nice try in translations it to Spanish.


24.  What do you call this fruit again?


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