These Foods are Stuffed Inside of Other Foods

These Foods are Stuffed Inside of Other Foods

Forget about diet and give in to these immensely tasteful treat of foods inside the foods. We are not talking about cheese inside a hot dog or cookies and cream topped in a pizza bread, we are talking about so much more.

Give in to your appetite as we barged in Instagram to give you a yummy treat from The Vulgar Chef’s sumptuous stuffed creations below.


Hot Dog–Stuffed Hamburger

Ham and hot dogs in the middle of the bun? Heaven.



Blueberry Pancake Battered Sausage

A little (or more) meat paired with blueberry pancake never looked this delicious.



Oreos and Peanut Butter Inside a Red Velvet Cake

If Oreos alone are not very appetizing and peanut butter needs to be sweeter, try combining them inside a velvet cake, and we’ll see how far your sweet tooth can go.



Poutine Sushi

A Canadian dish inside a Japanese roll might be very interesting.



Corn Dog Grilled Cheese

If there is Mac ‘n Cheese, there’s no reason we can’t  have corn dog and cheese too.



This vulgar chef definitely knows how to break a diet. Check out more of his vulgar menus in Instagram, #eatlikeshit account.


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