Funny Fireworks Fails You Should Not Try at Home

Funny Fireworks Fails You Should Not Try at Home

Every celebration would not be complete without fireworks. These explosive pyrotechnic devices are responsible for literally putting the flair in every occasion. Believed to be invented by the Chinese people, fireworks were initially used for religious and cultural celebrations. Today, the widespread practice and use of fireworks have now become a staple in every celebration around the world.

Whether it is on the ground or up in the sky, handling these explosives should be done with extreme care. Don’t believe us? Then let these guys you show the dire consequences of just being too confident.

1. Why We Should Read the Instructions


2. Too Hot to Handle


3. Beware of Land Mines


4. Look at How Far He Jumped from the Bed


5. Sniper on the Loose




6. Ah, Gravity


7. Faster Way to Grill Some Barbecue


8. Now Go Visit the dentist.


9. It’s Payback Time


10. When Even Captain America Fails




11. Fly Me to the Moon


12. Great Way to Send Your Pants for Laundry


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