These Garage of the Rich and Famous Will Make Your Jaw Drop!

These Garage of the Rich and Famous Will Make Your Jaw Drop!

You’re about to see the most expensive garages in the world that only millionaires can make with the immeasurable amount of money stuffed in their pockets. A rich man does not simply build a garage, he builds a palace full of remarkable cars and expensive furniture on top of it. These are the most amazing garages ever made that will surely impress you.

Cool Car Library

You can see how magnificent these cherry wood walls and porcelain floors are. These expensive cars have power supplies to maintain their batteries and plenty of compressed air for the tools.

The First Residence to Have LEED Gold Certificate in San Diego

If you’re an environment friendly person, you can drive and do whatever you want, guilt-free.


Las Vegas Car Show

A man has made quite a fortune through gambling in the most famous gambling city in the world—Las Vegas. He could do whatever he wants with his money, and this garage is the first of many.


Vintage Ravine Residence

This glass floor is perfect for the living room, and when you look down, a fleet of the coolest cars you’ll ever see will greet you.

White-Themed House

The love of peace and art is made inside an angular white house with brightly contrasting comic with a collection of curvy classic black Mercedes sedans.



The London Basement

This basement is mistaken for an art gallery because it has so many levels. Technically, the exhibition that matters is spinning on a pedestal in what is supposed to be a basement.


The Floating Room House—Part 1

Designed to maximize the space inside the house in Tokyo.


The Floating Room House—Part II

There’s a secret elevator that will lift the car the owner chooses.

The Floating Room House—Part III

The last of the series: the car that the owner wants to see goes directly into the living room.

Radius Garage

This garage is made to display a big case on top of an ocean view that’s perfectly beautiful.




Glass Car Showcase

The Gulf Ford GT is the first of many cars that the owner of the house has collected. Standing meters away from the garage, you can still see the cars whose beauty will make you die in jealousy of their owner.


Ferrari Garage in Washington

This man is the kind of person you want to meet and get adopted as a child. A collection of Ferraris in a room where you can just chill is perfect.

Hidden Garage

The decorative design of this awesome garage is impressive. On top of it, you can see the owner’s second custom garage.


Minnesota Craze

This garage is everything you could have wanted from vintage gas pumps, to hand-painted murals on each of its door.


Colorado Estate Garage

This garage has a cool lighting and tricky doors that made this custom house in America famous the year it was built. This garage is from a company named Vault, which specializes in making the finest garage accessories in the world.


The Bueller House

The garage that’s simple yet comfortable for the whole family. This design won the Maserati and Architectural Digest contest for the best garage that was taken from Ferris Bueller.

World Champion

This garage is divided into four decorative designs with 6,400 sq ft. One is for  the 1950s Motoramic car shows, one’s a Ferrari Shrine, and the other two are dedicated to Busch Stadium in St. Louis.

Mustang Showroom

Shelby galore for everyone who gets to see this cool garage.

Hamilton Scotts Tower—Part I

This garage is different from other garage because it’s up in the sky. Only the wealthy can afford to enjoy this kind of luxury.

Hamilton Scotts Tower—Part II

This garage is actually pretty cool than it looks because the car has its own elevator. You drive into an elevator and get out of your car, then you enter your access code—it’s that simple.

Hamilton Scotts Tower—Part III

Apart from the amazing thing about the elevator, you can also deck your car however you like.


This Quaint Shed

This house looks pretty simple, not until you see what’s inside.

The Cabana House

This house has a stunning view when observed from the outside and is actually centered around the pool.

Sierra Star Estate

You’ll never notice this part as an elevator, not until you see the cars being transported outside. It is actually displayed publicly, so everyone gets the chance to see it working.

Car Showdown

Rich kids be like “I’ll choose a car that fits my outfit today.”

The Maserati Palace

This guest house looks pretty amazing, and it’s just the first floor.


The Garage Theater

It’s pretty amazing how you can have both your Lamborghini and Ferrari parked inside your home theater.


The Rancho

A few years back, this Rancho Santa Fe Tuscan was for sale, so anyone can actually buy it—well, if you have $5,000,000.


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