Ghost Hunters Searching for Lost Souls in Cannock Chase …See What They Caught on Camera!

Ghost Hunters Searching for Lost Souls in Cannock Chase …See What They Caught on Camera!

A team of ghostbusters who stayed in Cannock Chase field for several hours looking for paranormal activity found what they are looking for.

The team allegedly photographed the Black-Eyed Child of Cannock Chase after patiently spending six long hours in the vicinity.

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The place is famous among ghost hunters for being infested with the presence of black-eyed kids. These entities are characterized by having eyes that are entirely black, appearing suddenly out of thin air.

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Rumor has it that car mechanic Leslie Morris murdered three innocent children in the 1960s in Cannock Chase and is the reason for the apparitions.

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After their preparations, the team scoured through Cannock Chase in Staffordshire, hoping to catch the notorious ghost on film.

The team is now claiming success over their pursuit of the phantom, saying they have proof to back it up.

“It looks like a child dressed in white—you can see the legs moving as it walks,” Tom Buckmaster said.

Tom, the person who captured the horrifying video added, “I didn’t even know I had captured the ghost until I went over the footage and thought, ‘What the hell is that?'”

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The hazy footage shows a small white outline in the distance. It stood a couple of meters away from the camera.

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