10 Rare Beetles That Will Make You Crawl …Don’t Forget to Check Under the Bed!

10 Rare Beetles That Will Make You Crawl …Don’t Forget to Check Under the Bed!

Pop bands, cars, and various other things have been named after the common beetle. They also gained some strange superstitions such as the belief that a scarab beetle will eat you from the inside out and that when you step on them, it rains… sadly, beetles have received a bad reputation. So we’re here to set the record straight on beetles and we’re talking about the bug and not the group!

Phalacrognathus muelleri


Most of us have probably seen one of these impressively colorful beetles. Little known fact, they are apparently fantastic for clearing up old bits of wood and leaf, which is why some woodlands and parkland owners trust these beetles to help keeping their farm clean.

Titanus giganteus


The Titan beetle is a neotropical longhorn beetle and is harmless (if you hold them correctly) despite its colossal size. It is officially the world’s largest species of beetle.

Sandalus niger


Every now and then, a really good photographer will try to capture the cedar beetle’s antenna, which is rolled and curled up in full bloom. This beetle is indeed a sight to behold.



This ground beetle may look a little boring, and it even appears like it doesn’t have anything special about it. However, once you learn that it shoots acid from its rear as a defense mechanism, you’ll know it’s there! Oh, and by the way, the acid reaches a temperature of up of 212° F. Ouch!

Charidotella sexpunctata


This leaf beetle might be one of the most amazing beetles you will ever encounter. Despite its tiny size, measuring only up to 0.023 feet, it has fooled many people. Why? It is because its shell shines so bright you may be deceived into thinking its a nugget of gold!




Anoplophora graafi


It may look like a cockroach, but it is not. This guy has a blue head while cockroaches have a head that is nearly invisible from the top down. You might need a magnified image of the insect so you can see its head.

Roaches have two pairs of wings that are papery or leathery, while beetles have a hard outer pair of wings that protect the flying wings underneath. So there is no need to yell “Cockroach!”

Genus cysteodemus


As you can already tell, this beetle uses its odd appearance so that it could trick other animals. It is quite effective as they appear to look like a dangerous spider from a quick glance.



Coming from a rather large family of beetles, the erotylidae might be the hippest of them all with the colorful pattern of its carapace.

Trachelophorus giraffa


Weird-looking? Yeah. Unusual? Pretty much. Amazing? Of course! You can easily see why this beetle got its name because that part attached to his body is really its neck! Its small head can be found on the top of it.

Gibbifer californicus


Although the grape-colored one might be the coolest looking, these fungus beetles come in a wide variety of colors and are native to Mexico and the U.S.





There you have it, a list of some amazing beetles. It is not every day that you can find such rare and beautiful creatures. All of them are pretty awesome, and each of them has their own unique trait that makes them stand out from the rest.

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