Girl Gets Possessed During Makeup Tutorial

Girl Gets Possessed During Makeup Tutorial, but Is It Real?

What started as a lively makeup tutorial turns into a ghastly scene when an unidentified girl, presumed demonically possessed, starts banging her head on the keyboard. And as blood drips from her swollen forehead and down her face, you’ll definitely stop watching.

The 15 Experience: Girl Gets Possessed During Makeup Tutorial

It is believed that the video was released by a hacker in 2014 and posted it on YouTube. Since its release, the clip of the makeup tutorial gone wrong has been viewed more than 7 million views.

The minute-long video does not in any way indicate whether or not it’s real and only comes with a caption that says, “This video was sent to me anonymously. I do not have any information beyond that. It is for you to decide on your own whether it is real or fake.” Clicking on the YouTube channel The 15 Experience will direct you to another set of mind-boggling and scary surveillance videos of a large abandoned mansion, making things look even more mysterious and bone-chilling.

The comment section of the YouTube video had been disabled. To make matters worse, the hacker had not uploaded anything since the “Girl Goes Psycho During Makeup Tutorial” clip. They were nowhere to be seen until they reemerged in 2017 to share another video where they explained that the hiatus was due to some investigation. Turned out the uploader was questioned by the law enforcement as they were named a suspect in the disappearance of four people.

Almost five years after, the truth behind the viral video where girl gets possessed during makeup tutorial remains unknown. No one could confirm if the makeup guru is still breathing or buried six feet below the ground.

But another question seems to linger in everyone’s mind: Is the video even real?

It has become a subject of debate and has borne countless theories since 2014. A lot of people don’t buy the demonic possession claims. They believe that the woman is mentally ill and was having a breakdown during the video. Some also speculated an attacker can actually be seen hiding behind the woman and was the one who slammed her face into the screen monitor.


The video also became famous among beauty vloggers, with some of them making videos of themselves reacting to the horrific footage. Majority of them found it eyebrow-raising, saying it was nothing but a cheap bizarre attempt of movie promotion.

The video has continued to boggle the minds of many until a tweet by a certain Nakia Seacrest confirmed that it was, after all, a hoax.

Secrest, an actress and producer, turned out to be the lady in the video. In the tweet, she announced her role as the makeup expert Nikki in the tutorial video and revealed that it was all for a movie. Apparently, the clip was a promotional strategy for the film The 15 Experience (which means the whole channel is). She even proudly tweeted that she’s happy her video grabbed a lot of viewers.

The 15 Experience was released in the same year and was an official entry at the Neuchâtel International Film Festival in 2014 under the category Imagining the Future. The writer, director, and editor of the movie, Anastase Liaros, shared that the horror movie was inspired by paranormal stories. He quipped that the Internet added an extra level of sinister to the film.

If you had not known it was fake, do you think you would have had a sound sleep tonight?

You can watch the whole video below.