Michael Jackson Impersonator

22-Year-Old Michael Jackson Fan Goes Under the Knife to Look Like His Idol

The world-renowned American singer, songwriter, and dancer Michael Jackson was extraordinarily talented, which made him worthy to be hailed the King of Pop. Although MJ died at the young age of 50, his iconic fashion sense, explosive performances, and hit songs are forever immortalized through record awards, documentary films, statues and symbol, and apparently, through his fans.

MJ’s fans revered him for who he was and what he did. He was a true legendary artist that it isn’t the least bit surprising that a lot of people would try to impersonate him. From time to time, stories about an MJ-wannabe would be on the papers.

The youngest of them is Leo Blanco.

Why Leo Blanco Is the ‘Ultimate’ Michael Jackson Impersonator

Twenty-year-old Leo Blanco of Argentina is the youngest professional impersonator of the great Michael Jackson. At one glance, you’d agree that Leo is Michael’s “man in the mirror” because of his uncanny resemblance to the King of Pop.

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Leo became very obsessed with Michael Jackson. Since he was 15, the Argentinian man already underwent numerous cosmetic procedures including otoplasty, liposuction, and rhinoplasty just to look like his idol.

And it seems like it’s all paid off. People recognize Leo as Michael Jackson on the streets. Leo is drawing even more attention now after having been featured in Leaving Neverland, an upcoming HBO documentary film about Michael Jackson. Ahead of the movie’s release, the young impersonator is creating a buzz online, with people wanting to know more about the super fan’s love for MJ and his decision to go under the knife.

But eleven surgeries and $30,000 expenses later, Leo Blanco is still not satisfied with his looks. He confessed that there is still a lot of work needed. He believes he still needs to enhance his nose, chin, and eyebrows.

He shares, “Each surgery takes me closer to my objective.”


However, Leo’s decision to continuously change his looks has left some of his family members worried, especially his mother, Adriana.

“I’m worried he’s going to die in one of these surgeries,” his mother shared. “I’m afraid because he goes into surgeries so casually as if he was just going to the hairdresser.”

His own mother could not even convince Leo to stop making his parents and himself suffer. Upon hearing about his mother’s concern, Blanco jokingly quipped, “It’s your fault. If you’d have created me more beautiful, I wouldn’t need to have any surgeries.”

Leo is not anxious about his transformation. In fact, he’s become more confident and thinks he’s now loved by more people.

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