Great White Shark Attacks Tourists During Shark Cage Diving

Great White Shark Attacks Tourists During Shark Cage Diving

Swimming is boring, and scuba diving has gone boring, so a crew from South Africa, created a new adventure—shark cage diving, where people stay in the cage under the sea and meet the water’s most feared creatures, the sharks. While most of the guests find it exciting, a group of tourists tried it and had the scariest minute of their life.

Hillary Rae posted a video on her channel on popular video site YouTube of their thrilling shark cage diving experience. While in the water, their cage was suddenly attacked by an 11.5-foot great white shark, and the moment was perfectly captured by a GoPro.



With the shark’s set of sharp teeth, the round buoy attached to the side of their cage was bent in half. Some parts were bitten and were damaged as well.







Screams could be heard all throughout the video, which came from Hillary’s friend. The video was also shaky as she was swallowed by the fear that the shark might reach them.



Fortunately, the shark wasn’t able to get through the cage, and Hillary and her friends were safe. The shark went off its way.

Here’s the full video of the attack.

There are also a few instances where people were caught in the middle of a shark attack. Check out the videos below.


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