These Grooms Have Each Done Unbelievable Acts for Their Brides

These Grooms Have Each Done Unbelievable Acts for Their Brides

Wedding days can come as a whirlwind of stress, family, friends, joy, and beauty. Newlyweds seem to have nothing left just for the two of them to share. But these eighteen grooms had come up with romantic ideas and surprised their brides with some of the sweetest, unexpected gestures.

Surprise Honeymoon

In trying to perfect every minute detail of your wedding, the honeymoon is sometimes left unplanned. So imagine a bride’s reaction upon finding out that her other half had secretly and single-handedly planned a honeymoon for them!

surprise honeymoon

Engraved Wedding Ring

Wedding rings come with unique and special features, but one groom took it a step further by engraving a special message or dedication on it.


And you were about to call it a night, with your guests preparing for retreat, when suddenly, the sky brightens up with fireworks display. Who planned this? Of course, a loving groom who wanted to end the night with a bang.

Secret Love Notes

With a little help from one of the bridesmaids, this groom surprised his bride with secret love notes throughout the day – one for when she woke up, when she got ready, and a final one just before she walked down the aisle.

wedding day love notes


A Detailed Scrapbook

One bride and groom planned to exchange gifts on their wedding day. He got her a beautiful scrapbook filled with love notes and poems written throughout the years while she gave him an autographed Back to the Future poster.

wedding day bride groom gift exchange

Unique Journal

With the old love letters and e-mails exchanged by one couple, the groom was able to create a truly unique gift for his bride on their wedding day.

A Love Letter

This bride and grooms wrote each other love letters and read them just before they saw each other again on the wedding day.

Love Confessions on Her Shoes

This grooms stole his bride’s wedding day shoes and wrote a confession of love on the soles, making it an even more priceless wedding shoes.

love notes wedding shoes

Serenade with a Song

One groom had promised her bride that he would serenade her with a song on their big day long before their wedding day. He fulfilled that by writing his own lyrics to the melody of the song “Half the World Away” by Oasis.

Choreographed Dance

This grooms must have been very picky in choosing his groomsmen—they should know how to dance. On the wedding day, he surprised his bride with a choreographed dance that’s actually pretty good!

Recorded Proposal

This groom secretly recorded his marriage proposal and waited until the wedding day to show the video to her. Her reaction, which is more like or even better, than that when he popped the question can really make you teary-eyed.

Champagne and Flowers

This groom definitely knows that girls love champagne and flowers, so what better way to surprise her than using these favorites?



Breakfast in Bed

The moment she woke up on her wedding day, the first thought she had were on the last-minute deliveries of the day. One groom knew better than to surprise her with her favorite breakfast delivered to her in bed, a relaxing way to start the morning.

wedding day breakfast in bed

Slideshow of Memories

From the moment they first met all the way through their engagement, this slideshow prepared by the groom was a cute way to walk down memory lane and relive those fond memories!

wedding day slideshow

Mix CD

One romantic groom compiled all the love songs that have been the anthems of their relationship in one mix CD. Truly romantic!

wedding day mix CD

Thoughtful Gifts Throughout the Day

From rushing between hair and makeup appointments to dealing with all her bridesmaids to attending to the arrival of family members, this groom never failed to cheer her up by sending her thoughtful little gifts throughout the day, reminding her that before the day ends, she’ll have a different last name.

wedding day thoughtful gifts

Romantic Vows

This bride and groom decided to write their own vows. His must have been so romantic and heartfelt that the bride could not help shedding a few tears.

Relaxing Spa Treatment

Wedding days can be crazy. One groom surprised her with a home service spa treatment to calm her nerves.

wedding day surprise massage

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