30 Signs Your Boyfriend Really Is In Love With You

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Being in a relationship is one of the most beautiful and at the same time the most difficult part of one’s life.

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From friendship to courtship, the are several ways one becomes entangled in a relationship with one particular person. Challenges will always be a part of being in love, but perhaps one of the most complex issues is whether or not their significant other truly loves them.

Despite several pieces of dating advice from world-class dating and love experts, one cannot really tell what your partner is truly thinking.

Men by nature tend not to be very expressive, and let’s face it, there are only a few out there who are actually candid and forthright. So if you are wondering what signs or cues men give in expressing their love for you, here are the top tell tale signs that do tell you they love you.


Communication is very important in a relationship and by communicating [and listening] back and forth freely is a great sign of a well established bond.

He gets captivated by you

One of the most obvious signs is by the way he looks at you. A smile, a stare, or that knowing look from across the room are signals of his affection.Pinterest

He will go all the way for you

Another sign of his love is the time he sets aside to support the things that matter to you.

“Together time” matters to him

He will find a way to spend quality time with you. And if you find yourself busy, perhaps he goes the extra mile to shorten your work load in order to have alone time together.

The impression continues

He always treats you right… period.  The trait will manifest itself as he meets your friends and family.

He loves hugging you

Hugs are an easy show of affection.  The power of touch is profound between couples.

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