6.9-foot Brazilian Girl To Marry Her Boyfriend Who Is A Foot Shorter Than Her

6.9-foot Brazilian Girl To Marry Her Boyfriend Who Is A Foot Shorter Than Her

Brazil’s tallest teenager is set to become the world’s tallest bride after her 5’4” tall boyfriend proposed to her during a walk along the beach. 18-year-old aspiring model Elisany da Cruz Silva, who stands 6’9” tall has been dating 23-year-old Francinaldo da Silva Carvalho for longer than three years. Despite the 1 feet and 5 inches difference in their height, Francinaldo and Elisany are ready to beat the odds between and against them.

When asked about Francinaldo’s wedding proposal, Elisany says, “I told him many times, ‘Do not ask me to marry you because my answer will be no’. I think that’s what he was thinking. I was so nervous when I saw him there. I don’t even know how I coped.”

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But Elisany loved her boyfriend too much not to say ‘yes.’ After accepting his proposal, Francinaldo, who was kneeling on one knee, could hardly fit the ring into her fiancée’s big finger. And unlike other couples who kiss right away after a proposal, this unique had a hard time doing it! But then, love always finds a way, doesn’t it?

Elisany met Francinaldo when she was yet 16. She says, “I was still a bit childish and so I was just playing around with him for a while and I got so annoyed with him – as if he was a rival that I hated. I just didn’t like him and wanted to hit him every time we met.”

Francinaldo had this charismatic way with ladies that sooner Elisany started feeling jealous. Eventually, she realized that she already loved him. “He was talking to another girl and I was jealous,” she said. “He intrigued me – I wanted to know more about him.”

Francinaldo, on the other hand, remembers their first meeting in a different light. “The first time I saw her I went to get some bread and I noticed her from a distance,” he says. He immediately thought that she needed to be with her. “I always found her beautiful and I have always wanted to go out with a tall girl and she came and fitted into that perfectly,” the construction worker said.

If there is one person who is not happy about the engagement, it is Ana Maria Ramos, Elisany’s mother. She said that she never saw the proposal coming and was completely taken aback. “In spite of everything, she is still a very young girl with a lot ahead of her,” her mother says. “She is sometimes a bit difficult with him but I’ve never seen him treating her badly.”

But the lovestruck couple are going on with their wedding plans, although they’re taking things one at a time. They want everything to be well-prepared – the ceremony, the church, the best men and the bridesmaids. The excited bride-to-be has already picked her wedding dress. “We have taken just one step towards the wedding – which was me asking her to marry me,” Francinaldo says. “We are giving it some time to get it all in order.”


They have also shared a small home in Salinopolis, Brazil for one year and they can’t wait to hear children’s playful laughter soon. Elisany, although still 18, is determined to have a child because she is afraid she may not conceive due to her gigantic condition which was cause by tumor that grew on her pituitary gland. If it is impossible for her to conceive, she is willing to adopt a baby. Despite this, the couple are looking forward to a long and happy life together.

When she walks around town, people would usually stare at her and would refer to her as the giant girl. Francinaldo hates it when they call her that way, as if she is not a normal human being.

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Despite that, Francinaldo’s love for Elisany remains unfazed. In fact, he cannot wait to show off his fiancée to his friends who are also excited to meet her. And for that, he would have to do a lot of sweet-talking to her as this aspiring model is typically shy.

Elisany seen here as a young, aspiring model,  is so stuck on having a child that she is willing to adopt if she does not fall pregnant soon - despite being only 18

When asked about what makes their relationship special, Francinaldo proudly says, “Our relationship is special because she understands me and I understand her. She is a person that is very different and I know I can make her happy.”


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