Horror Movies on Netflix

15 of the Best Horror Movies on Netflix Right Now

Horror movies and Netflix mix very well. The idea of watching a horror flick from the comfort of your own home can be very inviting. It is the perfect setup for date nights, sleepovers, or some quality alone time.

With hundreds of titles to choose from, you may find the task of finding the movie worth your time a little bit daunting. So this list narrows down the best horror movies on Netflix to get you started. Happy binge-watching!

The Top 15 Horror Movies on Netflix

1. Hush

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Horror Movies on Netflix

Hush is definitely a film you wouldn’t want to watch alone. Nerve-racking and filled with suspense, this psychological horror movie will keep you on your toes from start to finish. On the surface, it seems like your typical home invasion movie. But since the main character was created to be deaf-mute, the lack of dialogue only adds to the eerie atmosphere.

2. Sinister

Horror Movies on Netflix

Ethan Hawke plays Ellison Oswalt, a true-crime author who is looking for some fresh ideas. Without his family’s knowledge, he moves them to a house whose previous owners were violently murdered. Unbeknownst to Oswalt, there happens to be more to the story than he thinks, and his careless actions place his entire family in the line of fire. Expect a lot of jump-scares, mind-boggling mysteries, and images of the occult in Sinister. By the end of the film, you might just want to avoid home movies for good.

3. The Babadook

Horror Movies on Netflix

The Babadook is often regarded as one of the best horror movies of the decade. The premise is simple: a malevolent spirit is set free after a woman unknowingly releases it by opening the pages of an ancient story book. What makes the film even more interesting is the way it explores the fragile relationship between the mother and her hyperactive son. Aside from the story line, critics have praised the film’s intense atmosphere and the fact that it does not rely purely on cheap jump-scares.

4. Creep

Horror Movies on Netflix

Sure, Paranormal Activity and The Blair Witch Project lead the pack of found-footage films, but Creep is definitely a film that should not be overlooked. This indie horror movie centers around a man who answers a mysterious Craigslist ad. So as not to spoil anything, let’s just say, things go horribly wrong when the man he works with shows signs of erratic behavior. Be warned, the film is scary enough to make you stay away from Craigslist forever.

5. A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night

Horror Movies on Netflix

Beautifully shot in black and white, A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night follows an unnamed vampire in the streets of Bad City, a fictional Iranian ghost town. The woman develops an uncanny friendship with a young man whose life is wrecked by drug use and crime. The film brilliantly explores themes of feminism and the supernatural. Its depiction of Middle Eastern culture makes it one of the most unique vampire films of today.

6. The Invitation

Horror Movies on Netflix

One look at the film’s trailer won’t make you want to watch it, but we tell you, you won’t regret heading over to Netflix and immersing yourself in this mind-boggling mystery. The Invitation uses a slow pace to really build up the tension, and you’ll end up questioning each character’s motives as the film progresses. The ending is also something to take note of as it really makes audiences want to rewind the entire movie to see if they missed any of the signs.

7. We Are Still Here

Horror Movies on Netflix

Fan of unexpected twists? Then We Are Still Here is definitely the film for you. Rolling Stone magazine named this Netflix gem one of the best horror films of 2015. It tells the story of a grieving couple looking to find closure with their son’s untimely death. Although the premise sounds simple, clever storytelling and the heavy carnage at the end make the entire movie worth watching.

8. Hellraiser


Hellraiser is the classic British horror film that introduced the world to Pinhead. It may be hard to stomach in some of the brutal scenes, but Hellraiser is definitely a must-watch for lovers of the genre. The film is often credited for influencing modern-day horror movies with many filmmakers including it in their top ten lists. It would be hard to explain the plot without spoiling it, so better open Netflix and see this iconic dark fantasy film for yourself.

9. Under the Shadow

Hiding in the Underground

Another Middle Eastern film featured on this list is Under the Shadow. Like A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night, it explores the roles women play in Muslim societies. At the center of the film is a mother and daughter who not only have to deal with the ongoing war in 1980s Tehran but also the spirits of ancient demons tormenting their home.

10. The Host

The Host

Bong Joon-ho puts American filmmakers to shame with his box-office hit The Host. It may be leaning toward the monster genre rather than horror, but the same amount of tension is ever present throughout the movie. The story takes place entirely in South Korea, and it delivers the right balance of scares, drama, and laughs, which is perfect if you happen to be in the mood to snuggle up to a great film.

11. Starry Eyes

Classic Hollywood Tale

Think La La Land meets David CronenbergStarry Eyes has one question for viewers: how far are some people willing to go to see their name in lights? The movie has different themes such as body dysmorphia, greed, and loss of innocence. It may not be for the faint of heart, but the great performance of lead actress Alexandra Essoe will keep you at the edge of your seat.

12. The Nightmare


The Nightmare may not be billed as a horror film, but it is definitely one of the most unsettling documentaries on Netflix. It talks about night terrors and features real-life accounts from people who suffer from them. While night terrors vary from person to person, the subjects of this documentary talk about the feeling of being trapped and forced to watch terrifying images. You can guarantee that you’ll be sleeping with light on after watching this.

13. We Are What We Are

We Are What We Are

The American remake of the 2010 Mexican cannibal horror film is almost as good as the original. The only difference between the two films is that the American version takes place in the rural South instead of a poverty-stricken Mexican town. It tells the story of two young daughters who are tasked to continue the gruesome cannibalistic traditions of their family.

We Are What We Are is definitely not your average horror film as it focuses less on the jump-scares and more on slow-burning gothic horror.

14. It Follows

Followed by Something

This is probably one of the most famous horror movies on Netflix right now as this critically acclaimed horror movie did create a ton of buzz upon its release back in 2015. Luckily, It Follows is now available for streaming on Netflix, so you can watch it anytime you want.

The plot is unique and simple: sex kills. So in a literal sense, having sex will invoke an evil spirit that will follow you and kill you. The only way to break the curse is to “pass” it on to someone else. Think of it like an STD. Only this time instead of genital warts, the horror lies in figures with sunken eyes and horribly disfigured faces.

15. The Sacrament

The Scrament

The last film on this list is shot in found-footage style. But instead of relying on the typical haunted house plot, it is set in a remote religious commune called Eden Parish. The Sacrament borrows a lot of elements from the real-life Jonestown tragedy, and it even goes as far as featuring a reporter from Vice news. If you really want to enjoy the film, it’s best to skip the spoilers and go straight to Netflix.

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