Young Surrogate Agrees to Help Out Strangers, But Stuns the Couple with a Huge Surprise!

Young Surrogate Agrees to Help Out Strangers, But Stuns the Couple with a Huge Surprise!

Starting a family is a wonderful thing for most couples, so a lot of them go to great lengths just to become parents. Unfortunately, not everyone is lucky enough to be able to carry children. For one reason or another, many people find themselves unable to conceive. But thanks to modern medical advances, families now have more options to choose from.

Surrogacy is a go-to procedure for those who wish to start a family. It involves the carrying of an embryo and birthing of the baby by another woman (referred as the surrogate) for a couple by agreement. This was something 21-year-old Shaniece Sturdy envisioned for herself when she agreed to be a surrogate for a struggling couple. Little did they all know, the young surrogate mother was about to deliver an even bigger surprise they never saw coming.

Young Surrogate Surprises Couple After First Ultrasound

When British-born Shaniece Sturdy was just a teenager, she stumbled upon a documentary centering around surrogacy. Not only did the show pique her interest, but it also inspired Shaniece to become a surrogate for a couple one day.

Years later, following the birth of her only son, she came across Joanna and Steve, a Los Angeles–based couple who were seeking a surrogate. The trio were linked together by a local agency, and the next thing Shaniece knew, she was on a plane to the United States to have Joanna’s eggs implanted on her.

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“I was only 21 at the time, but I wasn’t interested in partying and drinking,” Shaniece told the Daily Mail. “I wanted to help another couple fulfill their family dream.”

Shaniece hid her plans from her own parents and completed the whole process by herself. When the procedure turned out to be a success, she finally shared the joyful news with her loved ones. Shaniece would later make history as one of the youngest surrogates in the United Kingdom.

A triple-sized surprise!

Shaniece initially thought she would be bearing a single child for the couple. However, she could not help but notice how big her baby bump was getting. At first, the happy couple was overjoyed when they found out that Shaniece was carrying twins. So as they began to prepare for the arrival of their brood, Joanna and Steve thought that this was the last big surprise.

When Joanna and Steve joined Shaniece for her next ultrasound, the trio was more than surprised to discover the shocking truth: they were having triplets! The pregnancy went by smoothly, and Joanna and Steve welcomed their triplets to the world with a lot of help from Shaniece. The family maintains contact with the young surrogate, who goes as far as attending the children’s birthday each year.

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