Clever Horse Pretends to Be Dead to Escape Work

Clever Horse Pretends to Be Dead to Escape Work

Admit it, you’ve done some things just so you could escape work. Who knows, as you’re reading this, maybe you’re escaping work as well. Maybe you just called in to tell your boss you’re sick and couldn’t come to work, saying you’ve gotten a really bad flu you can’t even get out of bed.

Everyone is guilty of doing that for at least once in their life—even animals. Believe it or not, recently, a story surfaced about a horse who got so fed up with work that he decided to just fall down to the ground and play dead. Then when there was no one looking, he stood back up. That was some surefire technique to escape another exhausting hour at work.

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Someone tried to trick him with food, but still, it didn’t work. The horse acted like he’s not in the situation to take anything. Even if the food was stuffed to his mouth, the horse wouldn’t chew it. It simply continued with its pretentious act.

When the coast was clear, he got up and finally munched on the thing he was previously given.

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Who would’ve thought this horse would go to such lengths just to escape his job. It’s a hilarious scene, like a prank perfectly played. Maybe this horse should go into acting instead.

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