Woman Seeks Medical Help After a Mole on Her Head Grew to Become a 13cm ‘Horn’

Woman Seeks Medical Help After a Mole on Her Head Grew to Become a 13cm ‘Horn’

An 87-year-old Chinese has gained the nickname Unicorn woman because of her horn-like tumor growing on her head. Liang Xiuzhen‘s “horn” measures 13 cm (5 inches) and continues to grow, distressing herself and her family.

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The “horn” started out as just a black mole. Wang Chaojun, Xiuzhen’s son, said, “My mother complained about this mole-like growth on her head that itched all the time.” But shockingly enough, the said mole eventually grew into a small horn.


The family tried to treat the itching sensation of Liang Xiuzhen with traditional Chinese medicine, but the horn just kept on growing.


The Unicorn woman broke the horn since she was continuously denting it. Unfortunately, it grew faster instead, and a new “horn” developed in just six months.



The new “horn” caused Xiuzhen extreme pain that made sleeping uncomfortable and almost impossible for the old lady. Aside from that, the horn also caused bleeding around her forehead.

This “horn” is actually a skin tumor called cornu cutaneum. In most cases, this rare skin condition is just small and benign, but it has the ability to become bigger and malignant.


Doctors urged Xiuzhen’s family to surgically remove the tumor, but they are afraid that she might not survive the operation because of her fragile age.

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