Hot Stone Cooking Made Possible with SteakStones

Hot Stone Cooking Made Possible with SteakStones


Do you wish to impress and entertain your guests with a live cooking session? With SteakStones Steak Set, you can make this dream possible.


SteakStones is definitely a perfect choice if you want to offer your family and friends a variety of mouthwatering dishes right on your table. You  just have to simple heat the stone up in the oven, and then cook your favorite dish right on top.


This steak set makes use of dry heat, thus, allowing you to sear in the natural flavor of meat, without having to add fats and oils. With this amazing technology, you can now have barbecue, meat or fish steak, salmon, swordfish, onion rings, french dries, and steaks, exactly as you want.

This steak set comes with a bamboo presentation board, a classy porcelain plate, a lava stone, three shatterproof glass bowls, and a high-quality stainless steel tray.

Check out different ways on how to prepare your favorite dishes using SteakStones:








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