House Appears Spacious …But’s It’s the Garage that Will Shock You!

House Appears Spacious …But’s It’s the Garage that Will Shock You!

The West Bellevue House in Washington displays an exquisite facade but only features two bedrooms and two and a half bathrooms. But instead of multiple bedrooms, this owner decided on building a smaller living space and focus most of the space onto making a gigantic garage. This odd property that can house up to 16 cars was discovered by Redfin’s Freshome. Its cost is said to be around $4 million and the garage also comes with a fully functional car lift and workshop.

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The garage also functions as an inner gallery that displays the cars in a creative manner. A glass window separates the garage and the living room where the occupants can gaze at their luxurious automotive collection for the whole day.

The house’s interior design is a mix between modern and traditional as hinted by the wooden accent on the beams of the garage and the wonderfully curved ceiling in the living room. The video below shows the accommodation the multimillion dollar house offers to its occupants and their cars. Watch and be stunned!

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Watch this video of the awesome house: