Police Officer Takes Off His Uniform to Don Superhero Costumes …See What Happens Next!

Police Officer Takes Off His Uniform to Don Superhero Costumes …See What Happens Next!

The primary duty of a police officer is to fight crime. However, Fort Worth Police Officer Damon Cole is different. Although he still does his daily duty as a police officer, sometimes, he goes beyond his job description just to make others happy.

Cole said, “Basically, I call myself Iron Man, Superman, and coming soon Baymax and Captain America.”

Within the last three years, this cop has spent most of his free time making kids happy while dressed as a superhero.


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Even if he has to spend a couple of minutes, Cole never hesitates to travel to homes and hospitals across the country. His mission is to visit those kids battling cancer and help them temporarily forget their problems.


“If I can come in that life for that day, hours, however, long I’m in their life and make them forget about having to do the chemo and how it wears that out, it’s a big deal,” Cole explained. “I’m honored that they allow me to do that. I’ll do whatever I can to make a child happy.”

Cole said his passion for helping kids began when he became a father eight years ago. Although he was gifted with a healthy daughter, he believes it is very meaningful to bring joy to every child.

To make his acts believable, Cole normally wears costume. In fact, he even converted his personal vehicle into something that would fit Clark Kent himself.

Cole recalled what he did to his car. He said, “I basically started on this project two years ago. I started customizing it with a matte black wrap.”

He also made other modifications, from the rims, interiors, trunk space, and lights.


Despite his hectic schedule, Cole finds time to visit young cancer patients. But most of the time, he travels during his personal vacation time.

On October 10, Cole was spotted at the Park Plaza Building, 2501 Parkview Drive, donning an Iron Man costume. It was a bone marrow drive arranged by the Fort Worth Police Officers Associations for the benefit of two 7-year-old kids from North Texas.


Watch this awesome police officer in the videos below: