These Houses Take Architecture to an Unconventional Level

These Houses Take Architecture to an Unconventional Level

Being one of the basic necessities in life, houses are one of the priorities of everyone when they decide to settle. Though it costs us a lot, it doesn’t matter. What is expensive if it’s for comfort.

Just that sometimes, people take it to a different—different as in unconventional. From a walking home to a house like a water tower—these strange structures will drive you to rethink what really makes a house grand.

Upside-Down Home


Having your world turned upside down is sometimes unbearable, but literally doing it is . . . unbelievable. This house is located in 4967 Clifton Hills, Niagara Falls, Canada. Inside it are furnitures literally turned 180 degrees, so are its rooms.

Holy Home


A few are too faithful they attend masses every Sunday, and some are so close to their gods they make statues of them. But some people are too religious they turn churches into homes. This house is erected in San Francisco, California, and was formerly a home of a thriving congregation. It is said to be one of the largest homes in San Francisco.

Another one can be found in England. It was a late 18th century St. Nicholas Georgian Church before it was converted into a home.


Green-Roof Home


How much do you love nature? Well, our next house’s owner must be the epitome of a nature lover. This grass-roof home has—get this—a grassland at the top. This totally blends the landscape.

Airplane Home


Airplane homes are those that are made from remains of airplanes. This one can be found in Costa Rica and is part of Hotel Costa. It is made from a Boeing 727. The ride of life can never get more comfortable with this.

Walking Home


Who would have ever thought even a house can walk! You have to take a look inside this walking home that is powered by solar cells and small windmills. It has a feature that collects rainwater for drinking.

Billboard Home


Businessmen do everything to make their products stand out, but this house takes advertising to a new level. Built like a billboard, this surely has a way to make a name.

Water Tower House


Standing 85 feet, this water house–like house is also called “The Tower.”  It is a replica of a historical water tower that was reconstructed. It features a 36-degree and unsurpassed view of the Pacific Ocean, Huntington Harbour, and the San Gabriel River.

No one would think these houses look normal. There may be more than one replica of each of these structures, but one thing’s for sure: they are not the kind of house we call normal. Strange, yes, but these houses offers the thing any other house gives us—comfort.

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