Hundreds Of Umbrellas Bring Color to Portugal’s Streets

Hundreds Of Umbrellas Bring Color to Portugal’s Streets


In July, even if it rains, you don’t have to worry about getting wet because there are hundreds of umbrellas hung over the streets of Agueda, Portugal. Not only do these installations add a vivid splash of colors to open streets, they also provide enough shade against the heat. This beautiful tradition started in 2012, earning the place worldwide fame.

Organized by Sextafeira Producoes, The Umbrella Sky  Project features hundreds of floating umbrellas all over the streets of Agueda. And since it began, photos of them have gone viral over the internet. As a result, hundreds of tourists walk down the street of Agueda to witness the beautiful effects of the splashing colors of umbrellas.

Last year, the group made a comeback. They used a new palette of umbrellas in order to create a whole new effect. From the shadows of the umbrellas, they were able to create a cobblestone-like floor.

If you wish to enjoy the magical experience of walking down the colorful street, check out the collection of photos we have gathered from residents and tourists of Agueda:
























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