Incredible Photos From Krubera Cave …The Deepest Cave on Earth

Incredible Photos From Krubera Cave …The Deepest Cave on Earth


Think of a dark and damp place, then imagine being isolated from the rest of the world. If you believe you are brave enough to survive in such situation, you can venture into the depths of the Krubera Cave, a place that’s so deep it seems impossible that it can be found here on earth.

Krubera Cave is named as the deepest cave ever.

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Located in Abakhazia, Georgia, the Krubera Cave, also known as Voronya Cave, is the deepest known cave in the world. A lot of people and adventure-seekers visit the place to test the danger of its thrill and the exhilarating death-defying experience.

The cave measures up to 7,208 ft in depth!


Don’t let the entrance of this cave fool you because its deepest surface measures up to 7,208 feet. Hopefully, you don’t have Speluncaphobia.



A long journey awaits visitors


A group of adventurers spent twenty-seven days exploring the Krubera Cave in 2012. The thought of living in darkness for the whole duration is pretty unnerving.

The cave’s restricted light source makes the adventure a certain challenge


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Imagine falling down into the dark abyss of the unknown, along with the absence of light has only made the journey more challenging and terrifying. The cave is definitely not for the fainthearted.

New species of animals can be found in the cave


The team also discovered a whole new species of arthropods living its life in darkness which made the experience creepier. Seeing these new creatures isn’t something you get to encounter every day.




It is a different world that is unusual and amazing


It’s mysterious and amazing, and it appears like a different world. You can join professionals in their expedition, if you are fit and completely geared up for a thrill.

Adventurers need to prepare for 27 days of darkness

Er Wang Dong, China:




If you’re lucky enough, you can witness this perfect work of art as it comes alive during the scheduled time to visit the Krubrera Cave. The cave is only ideal to be explored for four months in a year, at maximum, due to its remote location.


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