These Indian Food Taste Better During The Monsoon Season

These Indian Food Taste Better During The Monsoon Season

The monsoon is coming; we must bid goodbye to the summer heat. After sweating so much during the summer, who wouldn’t love to welcome the rain? Apart from it, monsoon is also the season when we get to finally enjoy the Indian food we have no choice but to miss during the hot season. The cold and the chill that the rain brings is best paired with tangy and spicy indian food. Whether you are indoors or outdoors, the pouring rain will most likely induce cravings for indian food with chili, wasabi, or anything that will make you scram for milk and water.

Here are some of the best Indian food that will help us enjoy the cold weather of the monsoon.

Bhel Poori

monsoon food 10

Admittedly, most people don’t like bhel or puffed rice, but when boiled potato, finely chopped tomato, bhujia, masala, salt, tamarind syrup, and jagerry syrup are added to it, the dish turns into something enticing. Bhel poori is quite popular among Indians, and the dish is becoming more and more in demand in countries around the world.

The best way to enjoy bhel poori is to have it on roadside stalls while enjoying the drizzles of the monsoon. Or you can make it in your house and enjoy the beauty of the rain. Get recipe here.


Bhutta (corn)

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Bhutta is a simple dish to make. It is corn roasted on high flame over charcoal. The corn is laced with butter and sprinkled with spices. This is a treat to have during rain showers. The smoky flavor will give your corn a unique taste.  Get recipe here.


Bread Chop

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Every morning, most people would have their bread with butter or jam for breakfast. In India, during the monsoon, people crave for breads that are spicy and crunchy. This easy-to-make bread chop is a treat during rainy mornings. The bread is stuffed with spiced potato or other vegetables. It is dipped into a thick batter, then deep fried. Get recipe here.



monsoon food 15

This dish is one of India’s mouth-watering delicacies, and Indians will say that chaats will be more delicious during rainy season. So while the weather is quite cold because of the pouring rain and you’re getting all broody and sulky, spice up your day with this zesty plate of chaat. Get recipe here.


Chips and Dip

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People who prefer staying in their homes during rains can enjoy their day with a bowl of dip or chutney. Get recipe here.




Cutlet (Vegetable, Chicken, Mutton, Mushroom)

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Cutlets can be made into many varieties. It can be made with mushroom, chicken, mutton, or vegetables. This delectable snacks is an Indian favorite during rainy season. Get recipe here.


Egg Chop/Dimer Devil


The best way to enjoy egg chop is to eat it with your friends around, paired with cups of tea. Egg chops with your friends when raining can help you relieve stress. Get recipe here.


Hot and Spicy Soup

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We all need a bowl of hot soup when it’s raining. This hot-and-spicy soup dish is full of essential nutrients and, at the same time, will satisfy your craving for something that can help you fight the cold rainy season. Get recipe here.



Many people would make their own twists to savor this delicious Indian jalebi. Some people would like it with ice cream or yogurt, while others complement it with a spicy or salty snack. Hot fried jalebi dipped in sugar syrup is the perfect one during the wet monsoon season. Get recipe here.



monsoon 16

Depending on which side in India you are in, you will have a different variations of Kachori. But the main ingredients like besan (gram flour) and moong dal are constant. Get recipe here.





monsoon 20

This one is a perfect dish in a night full of heavy rainfall, thunder, and lightning. Your empty stomach would thank you for a plate full of khichdi. Get recipe here.


Misal Pav

monsoon 11

Misal pav is a delicacy from Maharashtra in India. It is a healthy, hot dish made of sprouts. This hot sprout curry will surely warm your body. Get recipe here.


Naan with Paneer Tikka Masala or Butter Chicken

monsoon 18

One of the most famous breads that come from India is the naan. Naan is best with butter chicken, but vegetarians can enjoy naans too. The soft and fluffy bread with its gravy of paneer tikka masala or butter chicken will make you hungry. The spicy gravy will fit your rainy day cravings. Get recipe here.


Onion Pakoda/Bhaji

monsoon 8

This easy-to-prepare dish is a perfect night snack during rainy season. Get recipe here.


Palak Bhajia

monsoon 6

In monsoon, when we want to savor something crispy, spinach can be of great help. Try spinach bhajia. Some like to prepare palak bhajia by finely chopping the spinach, and some just dip the leaves in the batter. Get recipe here.




Paneer Tikka

monsoon 4

Just by looking at this indian food, you can tell that it’s really delicious. In a get-together or a lone rainy evening, this appetizing indian food will work wonders. Get recipe here.



monsoon 13

Poha originated from Maharashtra and has been popular among the Indians. Boiled potato, peanuts, and spices added to soaked flattened rice, give the dish a taste that is mild yet lingering. The monsoon breeze conjures to make poha more aromatic. Get recipe here.


Rolls and Wraps

monsoon 19

These are hot and spicy filling. Perfect meal during rainy days. Get recipe here.



monsoon 5

Samosa is perhaps the most popular snack in India. This easy to make and very affordable snack is great while watching movies during rainy nights. Get recipe here.



monsoon 1

Tea is ranked second in the world’s most consumed drinks list. It is the most preferred drink during the rainy season. For those who are not a tea-person, coffee is always a good alternative. A cup of kadak chai will help you enjoy your time during rainy seasons. Get recipe here.



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