Kid Recreates ‘Dirty Dancing’ Routine and Nails It

Kid Recreates ‘Dirty Dancing’ Routine and Nails It


A recent Facebook video of a little boy, who knows how to bust some moves from the famous 1987 film, Dirty Dancing, has gone viral.

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This over three-minute video features a little boy who is definitely dancing to the famous dance sequence of the movie wherein the main characters played by Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey danced to the song, Time of My Life. The kid showcases some of his best dance moves as he not just listens, but also moves to the dance that the late Swayze was known for.





The kid’s name is Charlie and he is just 8 years old.

His mother, Lainie Kristina, posted the video, which featured her 8 year old son Charlie dancing to the movie, less than 24 hours ago.

“He has probably watched it only 10-12 times. He loves to dance and cannot sit when he is watching a music video or anything with dancing in it,” Kristina said in an interview.

Dirty Dancing


It seems that Charlie have always had a love for dancing as he insisted to his parents that he be allowed to watch the movie after he heard the word “dancing” in the title.


Dirty Dancing

Kristina said that while Charlie copied the moves in movie, this is not the first time that young boy busted some really cool dance moves.

As such, it is not a surprise that Charlie’s inspiration is none other than the late King of Pop Michael Jackson, whom he first saw dancing when he was only 3 years old.






Below is the entire video of Charlie dancing Patrick Swayze’s part in Dirty Dancing. Check it out.

Here is the whole clip of the final dance in Dirty Dancing featuring Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey.


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