Know the True Meaning of these Cat Tail Positions

Know the True Meaning of these Cat Tail Positions

Communication varies greatly for every species in the Animal Kingdom.

Several of these notable means of communications lie in a species’ certain characteristic. Many of these famous means of communications include howling, echo location and scent markings. One popular type of communication that is quite popular especially with our domesticated animals like cats and dogs is through their tails.

If you have a pet cat at home or just planning to have one, then it is time to familiarize yourself about what they are saying to you through their tails.

The Tail Is Wrapped around Another

When cats wrap their tail around you or around a fellow cat, it is a sign of affection and camaraderie.


The Tail Is in the Air with a Curve

When cats are in the mood for playtime, they will hold their tale in the air in the manner that resembles a question mark. The curve at the end of their tail demonstrates playfulness and openness to any activity.


Tail Tucked Beneath the Body

Like its canine counterparts, cats express their uneasiness with something in the environment or any event with its tail tucked beneath is body. This demonstrates fearfulness or submissiveness.


Tail Straight in the Air and Shaking

When their tail is shaking while it is held up straight in the air, this means that your feline friend is feeling excited.



Fast-Moving Tail

Be wary when a cat’s tail is quickly lashing back and forth. It means they are irritated and may lash out unexpectedly.


Slowly Moving Tail

You can tell is a cat is focused when their tails slowly move from side to side. This is often an indication that the cat might pounce at any given moment.


Low to the Ground

A cat is hesitating when its tail is lowered to the ground, They exhibit a feeling of uncertainty and will be antagonistic if the situation calls for it.


Tail Straight in the Air

Confident kitties hold their tail straight in the air. It also shows their confidence, contentment and excitement.


Puffy Tail

Think puffy tails are adorable? Think closely. A puffy tail indicates that the cat is frightened. It is often paired with an arched back and flattened ears. This defense mechanism makes cats look larger and more formidable.


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