Lesbians Touch a Guy’s Genitalia for the First Time …And Their Reactions Are Priceless!

Lesbians Touch a Guy’s Genitalia for the First Time …And Their Reactions Are Priceless!

What happens if lesbians touch a penis for the very first time in their life? Well, as what this video shows, there’s pure awkwardness, a few giggles, and some pretty hilarious descriptions.

Lesbian YouTubers Arielle, Bria, Chrissy, and Daylynn complied in getting their hands full with some random guy’s phallus. “It feels like when I was a butcher and I would stuff the turkey necks with the corn on the cob for Christmas” is just one of the funny remarks made by the participants of the social experiment.

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Before the ladies started their life-changing experience, you can sense the tension in the air. One of them even said, “I’ve done public speaking and I hate public speaking . . .  [I’ve] nearly gotten hit by a car . . . and this is definitely the most nervous I’ve ever been.”

The girls couldn’t stop giggling as they fondled the man’s genitals. There were some pretty amusing descriptions made by the ladies, like comparing it to a warm play-doh or a bag of raisins.

Although they let out a few laughs, some of the girls said they don’t feel like touching another penis again. Bria even said to the male volunteer, “You’re a beautiful creature. And I respect you for being a beautiful creature. You’re just a beautiful creature that I don’t ever want to engage with.”

You can check out the video below to see the entertaining freakouts, and of course, the priceless reactions.


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